4 Way Heart

It hasn't always been easy for me, but when Harry became famous it was worse. I couldn't make friends, people started to hate me just because of my brother, and it was lucky that I even got spoken to by one person. I had no one.
Dad kicked Harry out for getting into, the now famous, band without his knowledge and after that we lost contact with each other. Before Harry got chucked out there of course was one person who acknowledged me but it was complicated. In the end he broke my heart, and now I have to live with the bad memories, and wonder if my brother even remembers me anymore.
*Please Note: Some details are not real, as in Harry's relatives and stuff like that, and I have changed them from real life for my storys purpose.* Fantastic cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX, thank you!*


23. Tracked


I screamed, stumbling back in shock and fear.

"I said I would find you" Jason continued on in that sickening voice a horrible glint in his eye.

I couldn't speak, my breaths coming out all uneven and sharp in my chest, my heart hammering against my ribcage as I stared at him fear taking over. He stepped closer, grinning as I retreated back. "Brought a few fans with me to for the boys" he said, and that's when I heard it coming from far off the sound of excited screaming.

Jason had told some of the fans where me and the boys were. No, no, no, this couldn't be happening. I tried to talk, to say something, anything, but I was stuck for words my voice not working.

"I've missed you Annie" Jason told me, stepping closer his expression softer this time.

He's lying, I told myself. He's lying. He's putting on an act, just like he always was.

He reached out his hand to touch me but I jerked back finally speaking saying "don't touch me."

Jason laughed, a horrible laugh. "Not quite as keen as you were before" he spat at me, jeering.

I shook my head, trying to get bravery, but only feeling myself shaking because of how scared I was. I was willing one of the boys to have heard me screaming. I was hoping they would come running and save me. I feared what Jason was going to and down right terrified of how he had actually found me.

"No need to be scared" he told me his voice taking on that soft quality that had never failed to make me to what ever he wanted. "Come here." I watched his hand reach out for me again.

"Get away from me." My voice was quiet, and despite my attempts to make it stern it sounded more a weak pleading statement. I wasn't going to be doing what he wanted this time.

Jason laughed again. "Oh Annie, when will you learn. You're mine, and you can never get away."

At the sound of the words something flared up in me. "Oh really" I shrieked and then without thinking I slapped him across the face, hard.

He seemed taken aback, swearing as he clutched his face. I saw this as an opportunity, running from the room as fast as I could. I thundered down the stairs and into the kitchen causing all the boys to look round at me their faces falling into worry.

"It's him" I stuttered, tears falling from my eyes "he's found me."

Harry was standing up, coming closer, looking more and more anxious as he approached.

"What?" he questioned. "Who?"


Harry froze staring at me. "W-what?" he stuttered.

"He's in my room" I told him desperately. "We need to go. Your fans, they know where you are. He told some of them."

Harry and the others were staring, Louis looking so confused, the others worried.

"What?" Harry asked again.

"You need to get out of here. They're here, they know where you are" I told them desperate for them to understand. "I don't know how he got into my room, but we-need-to-go-now."

Harry nodded, looking shocked and scared, running his hands through his hair. "Okay, okay" he muttered, looking completely lost for what to do.

Then his phone rang and he quickly answered it, panic taking over his face. He hung up saying desperately "she's right, we need to get out of here."

He took my hand pulling me out into the hall. "Come on" he called and the others swiftly followed at a run.

"What we going to do?" I asked him, trying to stop the tears in my eyes.

"It's okay Annie, our security detail know. We've got an escape plan out" he told me. I knew he was trying to reassure me it was fine, but it didn't help much. His face wasn't helping me either, the way it looked so scared all of a sudden.

We ran down the corridor, heading for the lift. He stabbed at the button to call the lift, muttering under his breath. The lift arrived and we all piled in as Harry pressed the down button.

As the lift stared to move I spoke up again. "But they're down there, surely you're just heading straight for them."

He shook his head, pointing to the button he pressed. "It goes underground."

I nodded at this, trying to calm down, but still my heart was going hay-wire, fear gripping at my insides. "I don't get it, how did Jaosn even find me?"

Harry shook his head. "I don't know Annie. I don't know. How on earth he got into your room, I don't understand. He can't have climbed all the way up to the balcony. It's to far up."

"But this is Jason we're talking about" I reminded him. "He can do that kind of stuff."

Harry nodded. "Yes, I guess so. But you'd have to be mad to do that."

"I know" I agreed. "He is mad."

Suddenly the lift pinged and the doors drew back revealing a car park which was in the dark apart from some headlights shining towards us.

"They don't use this car park, it's locked, and no one knows about it apart from the manager and security, and of course us" Harry explained quickly to me as we rushed out of the lift and he pulled me on.

My mouth dropped as I saw the headlamps were from a black limousine, and despite the situation Harry caught me staring at it and smiled slightly. "Being famous has it's perks" he said opening a door and gesturing for me to get in.

I did as he told me to, climbing in and sitting down my heart still racing so fast it was as though I'd just run a marathon. The others filed in, Harry sitting next to me, Liam opposite, fixing me with a very worried expression.

"Are you okay?" he asked when I had the courage to catch his eye.

I nodded quickly, looking away as the cars engine started up and the driver, one of their security guards, pulled away.

I suddenly felt like crying again looking round at Harry. "What we going to do?" I asked him my voice panicked.

"It's okay" Harry comforted. "We have more than one place to stay. We'll go to Louis' house next. That's what security says."

I nodded, trying to reassure myself that it was okay, well as okay as it could be right now.

The limousine drove up a ramp, and out into a small, deserted street at the back of the hotel driving off down the road quickly. My mind was going mad. How on earth had Jason found me? It would have been less expected if he found me at home, with dad, but because I happened to be staying with Harry in his flat I don't understand how he could have known.

"I don't get it" I suddenly exclaimed out loud, feeling confused and anxious. "How did he find me?"

Harry shrugged, squeezing my shoulder a little. "I don't know, but just don't worry. We're safe now."

"But what if I'm not?" I snapped at him my voice breaking as I said it, unable to keep my voice straight. "Who say's he can't just come and find me again?"

"He won't Annie" Harry told me, trying to sound sure, but I saw through it. "He won't."

"How do you know?" I muttered. "He said he'd always know where I was, but he can't unless he's psychic." Then something clicked inside my brain, and my mouth fell open. "Oh no" I breathed, a memory flashing back to me.

"What's wrong? Annie what is it?" he asked desperately.

I looked round at him. "Open the window" I ordered him and he gave me a weird look. "Just do it."

He did as I asked, and I quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket. "What you doing?" Harry questioned but I ignored him, chucking my phone out of the window. Harry looked at me as though I'd gone crazy saying exasperated "why the heck did you do that?"

I didn't answer shutting the window. He gave me a pressing look. "I remembered something" I replied unhelpfully.

"Remembered what?" he asked.

I sighed, looking round at them all and their faces of shock and confusion about what I had just done. I then decided I'd have to explain myself.

I took a deep breath and told them "Jason said before he ran off 'I'll always know where you are.' I think he meant it literally. He said he could find me again no matter where I am, and well I think it was true." I paused to take a breath, seeing if they had understood me. "His dad was a criminal, he'd taught Jason practically everything he knows, and he told me some of those things to, whether I wanted to hear it or not. And I remember now when Jason stole my phone from me, the one I chucked out of the window, just after he'd told me how you bug someone. So..." I sighed. "I think he put a tracker in my phone or something, and that's how he found me today. So he did mean it when he said that he'd always be able to find me."

Harry nodded slowly, the news of what I'd just said sinking in. He then looked up at me. "But how come he hasn't tried to get to you before now, if he really had bugged your phone?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, maybe because he was still being followed by the police but he'd managed to lose them. Or maybe he thought it was weird that I wasn't at home, and was with you instead."

Harry nodded, then sighed. "So, he can't really know now where you are, since you chucked your phone out of the window?"

I nodded. "Yes I think so. But..." I broke off.

"But what?" Harry quickly questioned me, giving me a searching look.

I sighed saying "nothing" and looking down at my lap.

"Annie" Harry pressed me, and I looked up at him.

"It's just I don't even know whether he put the bug in my phone or not. Or whether it's..." I trailed off again, looking down at the dress I was wearing. "Something else."

"What?" Harry asked, then he looked down at my dress to his eyes going wide. "Please tell me that is a different dress to the one Jason gave you?"

I shook my head. "It's the same one" I replied.

"Oh f**k" Harry swore out loud, looking suddenly serious.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I questioned.

"Well it depends what you're thinking, but yes I do think I'm thinking what you're thinking" he replied.

I gave him a wide eyed look saying "I can't just chuck it out the window."

The others were getting curious now, Niall perking up and asking "what's going on?"

I looked round at them all, then back to Harry. "I can't" I repeated, feeling anxious.

Harry nodded, looking round at them to. "I know, but what if we're still being" he paused as we then both looked at each other in fear saying in unison "tracked."

I rubbed my eyes anxiously and in annoyance saying "this is all my fault."

"No it isn't" Harry snapped at me, trying to stop me blaming myself.

"Yes it is" I replied back, feeling like pulling my hair out in frustration. "What we going to do?"

I looked round at Harry, wanting him to answer, but he didn't. He'd always been the responsible one, with all the answers, and it scared me to see him raise his shoulders and reply back "I don't know."

I looked round at the others and their confused stares.

"I thought you said we're safe now" Zayn commented, looking at me and Harry with one raised eyebrow.

"Well I'm not so sure" I replied, as Harry looked as though he was racking his brains for ideas.

I kept watching him as the others kept on questioning, willing for him to look me in the eyes, and when he did he sighed. "You're going to have to."

I nodded, fearing that this would be the answer and whispering to him "but they'll all watch me, and plus I don't have anything else to wear."

He nodded, then cleared his throat announcing to the others. "Right all close your eyes."

"What? Why?" Louis complained. "Why should I?"

"Just do what I say" Harry ordered him, and then he looked round to Liam. "Give me your jacket."

Liam gave him a weird look but soon obeyed, pulling off his hoodie and passing it over. Harry looked at me again, chewing on his tongue. "It will have to do" he muttered.

I nodded as he passed me the hoodie which was at least three sizes to big for me. "Okay."

He looked back to the others. "I said close you eyes."

"Why?" asked Louis again as all but him closed his eyes.

"Just do it Louis" Harry snapped, and after an annoyed look Louis shut his eyes like the others.

Harry turned to me, giving me a little reassuring look before shutting his own eyes. Once I was sure no one was peeing I quickly pulled off my dress, pulling on Liam's hoodie which went down to about my knees it was so big. I then turned to the window, opened it and threw the dress out. It caught the wind as we trundled along before being swept away.

"Okay, done" I told Harry and he was first to open his eyes. The others opened theirs too all looking at me with the most confused and weird expressions I'd ever seen.

"What the hell is going on?" asked Zayn.

I looked to Harry to answer, going red as I felt Liam's eyes staring at me. I was willing myself not to look back at him but the pull was to great and I couldn't help it, I looked him in the eyes. He was staring at me so intensely as though in a sort of trance over me. I tried to tell him with my eyes to stop staring but he either didn't get the message or wasn't doing as I was saying he should.

I snapped my eyes away as Harry was saying about how we thought that just in case my phone wasn't what Jason was tracking us by, it may have been the dress that was bugged, which we thought would also need to be got rid of. We just needed to be on the safe side, even if it meant that I had to wear practically nothing, just some shoes, long socks and Liam's jumper, which thankfully for me was as long as a short dress so wasn't too revealing.

I noticed Louis was smirking at me, staring at my legs, which was a little embarrassing. To my surprise Niall, who I wouldn't count as one to stare at me really obviously, was blinking rapidly his mouth a little open as though he was still shocked about how I'd just taken of my dress and was just wearing a hoodie. Zayn was the only one who didn't seem to be staring at me and was actually listening to Harry's explanation, rather than checking me out like the others were.

I looked round at Harry trying to get him to actually noticed how three of his best friends were staring at me, therefore breaking the rules. He hadn't seemed to notice and was still answering Zayn's questions of confusion over the situation.

I finally got annoyed enough to say to them quietly "would you mind not looking at me like that?"

Niall snapped out of it going red but Liam and Louis however didn't avert their eyes. Louis was grinning wickedly and replied "actually babe it's quite enjoyable."

I turned red at this, stuttering awkwardly trying to say something, but luckily being interrupted by Harry glaring at them and snapping "stop it now guys."

Louis just rolled his eyes, finally looking away as he moaned "it's not my fault your sisters sexy."

For that Harry gave him a another glare, which he just chuckled at muttering "I'm not trying anything."

Harry gave him a piercing look, then looking round at Liam, who despite both mine and Harry's instructions to look away still had his eyes fixed on me. I cleared my throat nervously as Harry was glaring at him, trying to snap him out of his kind of daze.

"Liam" Harry snapped "for gods sake."

Eventually he shifted his eyes away, mumbling moodily "I'm cold, but someone's got my jacket."

I squirmed awkwardly saying "sorry."

He looked me in the eyes again and shrugged dismissively as he said "doesn't matter."

I smiled at him but he didn't smile back, and I could tell he was trying to not look at me again.

"Why'd you get me to give her my jacket anyway, why not one of the others?" Liam asked Harry a question which had been on my mind to.

Harry shrugged. "Looked the biggest, no offence" he replied, and Liam nodded.

"I guess so" he muttered, and I looked round at the others. Unlike Liam's their jumpers, jackets or coats were much more fitted than his hoodie which was a little more spacious, well very much for me anyway.

I sighed, rubbing my eyes and trying to stifle a yawn.

"You tired?" asked Harry, and I nodded.

"Have been all day" I replied "and seeing Jason just made me feel even more horrible."

"What do you mean horrible?" asked Harry.

I shrugged. "I guess I just mean upset."

"But why were you upset?" Harry questioned.

"No reason" I lied, catching Liam give me a little look and trying not to give it away that I was lying.

Harry gave me a look as thought to tell me he saw through my lie, but dropped the subject, letting me lean on his shoulder as I yawned again.

"We won't be to Louis' for quite a while" Harry explained,"why don't you get some sleep?"

I nodded, closing my eyes mainly because I didn't like how they were all watching me, trying to get more comfortable, which was hard considering Harry's shoulder was quiet bony. Despite that though it was more comfortable than leaning on nothing would be and before long I felt myself drifting, everything that was going on around me blocking out.

I no longer felt that scared or worried, and for once I actually felt safe, even if Jason was still out there I didn't know how on earth he'd find us now. If he really had bugged me and was able to track me I think I have managed to get rid of them, hence why I was shivering just wearing Liam's jumper. For now I think I can say we're all safe.

I feel safe but I don't think it's just because Jason can't track me anymore, I think it also may have something to do with the fact that I was wearing Liam's hoodie. It smelt of him, and even if I wasn't wearing anything but underwear beneath it, it was extremely warm. Just that solely made me feel safe and almost like he had his arms round me again, which I know I shouldn't be thinking of, but I can't help it. I just wish it really was him hugging me for real, in the safety of his arms, which I just know would make me feel completely safe.


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