4 Way Heart

It hasn't always been easy for me, but when Harry became famous it was worse. I couldn't make friends, people started to hate me just because of my brother, and it was lucky that I even got spoken to by one person. I had no one.
Dad kicked Harry out for getting into, the now famous, band without his knowledge and after that we lost contact with each other. Before Harry got chucked out there of course was one person who acknowledged me but it was complicated. In the end he broke my heart, and now I have to live with the bad memories, and wonder if my brother even remembers me anymore.
*Please Note: Some details are not real, as in Harry's relatives and stuff like that, and I have changed them from real life for my storys purpose.* Fantastic cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX, thank you!*


9. Pictures of Memories


After the rugby tackling incident had subsided the boys left me to unpack, Harry leaving the quickest to avoid being whacked again. I hung up all my clothes first, some of which were crumpled, some of which I didn't even wear anymore and some of which weren't even mine and I didn't know exactly where he'd found them.

Then I shoved my shoes in the bottom of the wardrobe, including a pair of high heels that I'd never worn in my life but Harry had bought me. I had never had the courage to tell him I couldn't ever walk in them. They looked so expensive.

I then put all my underwear in the bottom two draws of the chest of draws, and in the top one any other possessions and my laptop. I then went into the bathroom which had a shower, sink, toilet and a heated towel rail crammed into one little room. I put all my toiletries in the cupboard over the sink and went back into the other room. Once I shut the bathroom door behind me it was to find Louis laying on my bed leisurely.

"Louis" I snapped, and he looked up. He had been hiding his face using one of my Maths textbooks and now I could see he was wearing my reading dark purple framed glasses.

"Hello Annie" he said in a posh voice then laughed saying "I didn't know you had glasses."

"Well, no, neither does Harry. I got them last year" I explained, as I started taking some of the books out of the suitcase which were the last objects to unpack and piling them up neatly on top of the chest of draws.

"What they for?" he asked.

"Reading" I replied, giving him a weird look as he admired himself using his phone screen as a mirror.

"Rather dashing don't you think?" he asked giving me a goofy look.

"Yes" I joked sarcastically "you look very handsome."

"Why thank you" he replied, and he waggled his eye brows at me. I just rolled my eyes taking the Maths textbook from him and putting it on the Maths work and book pile.

"Louis what are you even doing in here?" I questioned as I took the glasses off his face, putting them in the case and putting it in the top draw of the draws.

"I'm bored" he explained, sounding bored. I rolled my eyes, and he laughed again for no exact reason.

"Well I'm done now" I commented and took the suitcases off the bed, pushing them under the bed.

He jumped up off the bed saying "come on then" and then before I realised what he was doing he was picking me up by the waist and throwing me over his shoulder in a fire mans lift.

"Do you mind?" I protested, hitting him in the back.

"Not really" Louis replied cheekily, not putting me down, and carrying me out of the room.

"If Harry sees you doing this, he won't be happy" I told Louis, feeling blood rushing to my head.

"Don't care really, I'm just carrying you, not coming onto you or anything" Louis continued to say starting down the stairs.

"I don't like it" I told him grumpily, giving up with struggling in his arms as he obviously wasn't going to be putting me down no matter the number of time I hit him.

"I don't care" he replied back, as he carried me down to the bottom of the stairs.

I hated fire mans lifts ever since Harry dropped me once when I was younger and I broke my arm. It made me feel nervous. As we got to the bottom of the stairs and was going through to the kitchen I told Louis nervously "if I told you I'm about to be sick, will you put me down?"

"Nope" he replied smugly, carrying me through the kitchen "that's not true".

I'd finally had it with him carrying me and screamed "put me down" whacking him in the back again as we went through to where the others were.

"Alright, alright" Louis moaned and he lowered my feet to the floor.

"Thanks" I replied not being thank full though. I felt all dizzy now thanks to him. I went to sit beside Harry on the sofa. He was looking at Louis annoyed.

"Harry" I said his name tapping his arm. He hadn't even acknowledge I was there.

"Hi" he replied, still fixing Louis with an almost threatening look, the two of them having a conversation with only their eyes.

"Harry." I raised my voice and finally he looked round at me.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Nothing" I replied, shaking my head. He then proceeded to smile at me and then leaned back into the sofa staring at the ceiling.

"Er" I started feeling awkward then took in a big breath "so what do you guys do for fun around here?"

"Well" Harry started sitting forward again all anger or annoyance gone from his face looking like he was about to reel of a whole list of things that they did in their spare time, but instead he didn't. He just looked round at the others then replied "not much really."

I rolled my eyes. "Your boring" I commented.

Harry laughed and thanked me sarcastically. Then silence fell over the room again. "Well then, in that case" I said getting up, and walking from the room.

"What you doing?" Harry called after.

"I'll be right back" I told them, rushing to the stairs and up them. Then to my new room, and running over to the chest of draws. I put on my glasses, grabbed my laptop and all the maths work and books I could carry without dropping anything. I then turned back around heading back to the boys. When I got back into the lounge, Harry looked round at me, then his eyes went wide with surprise.

"Since when did you get glasses?" he asked.

"Since last year" I explained, dumping my work on the coffee table my laptop beside it.

"And since when did you afford a laptop?" he quizzed staring at it with a little bit of aggravation in his eyes.

"Dad got it for me two years ago" I explained, as I pulled my maths homework book towards me.

"What the hell is this?" he then asked, still looking annoyed about me having a laptop before him. He grabbed the nearest piece of paper and read of the title off the top of it "advanced quadratic equations."

"Maths" I said in reply to his raised eye brows "that's just some of the work we've been doing."

"Why you doing Maths now?" he asked.

"Maths homework" I said gesturing to the work book in my lap which I was supposed to be answering the questions in. "Unlike you I have to get an education before I get anywhere."

He nodded. "I suppose so."

"I don't even like Maths but dad made me do it in six form" I explained, as I pulled a face at the page of simultaneous equations then asked looking round at them all "anyone good at Maths?"

They all shook their heads, but Zayn did say to me "let me see that" and I passed it over. He looked down at the page I was on, muttering to himself. He then looked up and shrugged. "Well I hate Algebra, so I don't have a clue what that's on about. I used to be quite good at Maths actually."

I sighed, taking it back then looking at the first question thinking it through. "Anyone got a pencil?" I asked, putting my hands in my pockets which I usually carried a pen in.

They all said no and I sighed looking through some of the books on the table, finding one with a pencil poking out of it. I pulled it out and with it came a piece of paper which fluttered from the pages of the book and onto the table. I picked it up, turning it over. I stared at it, my breath faltering. It was a picture.

"What's that?" asked Niall's voice.

"N-nothing" I stammered scrunching it up in my hand "it's nothing."

I almost automatically looked round at Harry, and he put his hand on mine taking the picture from my clenched fist gently. He then unscrewed it looking down at it then back at me. He sighed, then did the same as me squashing it even more than I had.

He then chucked it at the bin in the corner and I turned back to my work, but I couldn't think, my brain was all fuzzled up now. It had shocked me seeing a picture of him and me together after what happened. Even just his name brought back memories, a picture was even worse, much worse. My hands were shaking on the pencil as I tried working out the equation but wasn't getting anywhere.

I suddenly realised tears were stinging in my eyes. "It's only Maths, no need to get upset" called Louis's joking voice. It was meant to be funny but it wasn't.

I looked up at him, and before I knew it I was snapping "shut up!" but not in a jokey way like he was talking to me, in a totally serious tone of voice.

Louis stared back before saying "sorry" looking like he meant it.

I closed my eyes for a few calming seconds before opening them again and mumbling "no, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that."

"It's okay" he replied, and he gave me a half smile.

I half smiled back then tried to go back to working but it was no use. "I-hate-maths" I said loudly, slamming the homework book down on the pile between words.

"Then leave it" Harry said.

I nodded. "I'll do it another time."

"Good idea" he agreed.

Instead to take my mind off the picture I picked up my laptop. I opened it up to find a picture of me and Harry staring back at me as the desktop background. Harry leaned closer looking at the picture then laughing. "I remember that" he commented, and I laughed to.

"Yeah" I mumbled looking at our smiling faces, and smiling sadly at it. "That was a couple of days before he kicked you out."

He nodded.

There was something about that picture I didn't quite get. "Why am I so happy considering what just happened?"

Harry sighed then told me "it was about the first time you smiled since the incident, and the last time I saw you smile before he chucked me out."

I nodded. "Yeah, I remember it now." I then smiled. "You were a bit drunk."

Harry laughed. "Just a bit."

I looked at the Harry in the picture, almost flashing back to the moment when Harry had been larking about having just got back from the club with his friends (which had been his new band mates Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam, who weren't yet very famous). The things he'd said were rather bizarre and when he started dancing like an idiot it was kind of hard not to laugh at it. I remember particularly when he attempted to do ballet dancing saying to me that he was Princess Twinkle Toes.

"Hey, we're still here you know" called Louis's voice, and I flashed back to the present.

"Er yeah, sorry" I apologized, coughing and taking away my smile.

"What's this picture?" aske Niall, and I turned the laptop around so they could see it.

They then leaned in to get a closer look and Niall laughed, Louis smirked, and Zayn fixed Harry with a quizzical look.

"What the hell are you doing mate?" he asked.

"Being a ballet dancer" I replied for him, and he whacked me in the arm turning a little red.

Why he'd wanted to take a picture of him attempting to make me dance with him I'd never know. He was drunk so therefore not in his right mind so I guess that must have been why.

The boys sniggered at this, and even Liam who had been sitting in a chair looking moody and not really in the conversations, cracked a smile at this, but as soon as he saw me looking it disappeared again.

I then gave Harry a look, put my hand round my mouth so the others couldn't see and mouthed "Princess Twinkle Toes."

Harry gave me a death glare, turning redder and chuckling, embarrassed. He then mouthed back "don't you dare tell them."

I nodded saying out loud "promise."

The boys looked at me curiously but I only gave them a smile, turning my laptop back around and opening up my picture folder. "I have more of him, if you want to see."

"Yeah, show us" Niall called, and he looked excited and much like a child when given a present. I giggled at him, and he suddenly looked misty eyed, staring at me. My eyes locked with his and it was a moment before I could shake myself free of his captivating gaze.

"Er, yeah, although most of them have my unattractive face in too, and some of them are just of me" I told them, as I flicked through a couple of the same night when Harry was being a ballet dancer going backwards in time.

"Your face isn't unattractive" Niall told me sounding scandalized. I looked up at him blushing, catching his gaze again and holding it for a second too long to make it unnoticed by anyone. Harry coughed beside me and I quickly looked away, and down at my laptop screen again.

"Er, well there are these ones" I said pointing to the screen so Harry could see which ones I meant. They were the ones after Harry's princess dancing.

"I don't remember them. I'm not even in any of them" he said squinting at the small pictures.

"Well that's because it was after you got chucked out" I explained quietly.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"Sixth form, half term party" I explained and he nodded.

"Show me them."

I nodded, and opened the first one of those pictures. It was of me and Mia, who was of course showing me up as an ugly girl with all her blonde beauty.

"That was before we argued" I told him.

"Okay" he said nodding then he looked a little hesitant as he next asked "what exactly happened with you and her?"

I shook my head. "Just something stupid. It was after the party" I explained, not wanting to talk about it. "She was the last ever friend to desert me."

He didn't say anything staring at me in the picture, or maybe it was at Mia, he'd always told me that Mia was a very attractive girl, not even caring that she was one of my friends.

"Can we see the pictures?" asked Niall, and I looked up. He was looking like he was deprived of something.

I nodded, then turned the laptop so they could see but I could still see the pictures too.

"Next" Harry told me, and I nodded, clicking it to the next one.

Louis wolf whistled. "Woah, hottie or whattie?"

I took a closer look, not having taken the picture in properly. It was of me again, but this time not with Mia. It was Mia who was taking the picture, and I was standing on a table in the middle of pretending to sing a song which was playing.

I blushed, feeling embarrassed.

"Are you drunk there?" asked Harry and he was looking bewildered.

I nodded, turning even redder. "Yeah, kind of. Mia said it was water that she gave me but actually it was vodka."

"Ah" Harry said lowly, "I see that now. You'd never do that unless you were drunk and not thinking about it. You're to shy to do that in real life."

I nodded agreeing with that, and quickly changing the picture only to find another picture of me, this time in the process of falling of the table by accident rather dramatically. I laughed nervously at this as the other boys laughed. I looked round at them. It was as though they had all been given candy or something, all apart from Liam, who despite looking at the pictures, was leaning on his arm, his mouth covered staring darkly with his bold eyes, not even smiling t all. I couldn't even see his mouth.

"These picture were meant to be embarrassing Harry, not me" I commented quickly changing the picture which thankfully wasn't of me, it was of Mia, who having handed me back my camera, and I having become a little more sober since taking a tiny sip of vodka had come back to my senses a bit more. She was of course flirting with one of the boys (like she always seemed to be doing), waving at me, and beaming as though saying 'take a picture', which I had indeed done.

"Who's the blonde hottie?" asked Louis, and I looked round at him. Was he always like this to any girl he set eyes on? I answered my own question, of course he was, he was a bit like Mia in the respect that he kept flirting just for fun.

"Mia, my ex-friend" I explained and he nodded.

"Well she's not as stunning as you" he commented and I blushed.

"Thanks" I mumbled, seeing Harry glaring at Louis again, and quickly changing the picture.

This was only to find another picture of me, on the ground having fallen over, staring up at Mia who had grabbed the camera and starting taking snaps of me just because she thought it was funny. I was glaring at her, nearly getting trampled on my passing people, and trying to get up. Unfortunately as I flicked through these couple of pictures, I noticed something which I hadn't before as I was getting more an more annoyed about not being able to get up my bra was showing, and it just so happened to be neon green (a birthday present which Mia had insisted I wear to the party). I swore under my breath changing the pictures faster as Louis was staring wickedly at me as though about to comment on it.

Finally I seemed to have gotten up from the floor, and retrieved my camera because the next pictures were of just the general party, some cool lighting which I had found made a good picture and of Mia flirting with numerous different boys, in all of which she had her code look for 'take a picture.'

Eventually we came to the end of them and I turned the laptop back to me. "That's enough for one day I think" I told them beginning to shut the laptop down, concealing a yawn behind my hand. "What time is it?"

"11.50" Harry replied, looking at a clock on the wall I had failed to notice.

"I'm going to bed" I said, shutting my laptop lid, and picking up everything before getting up with another yawn which I couldn't hide because I had so much stuff in my arms. "Night" I called before walking out of the room followed by calls of "good night", "night" and in Louis's case "sleep well babe." From Liam it was nothing, but what did I expect?

He'd not really spoken to me, he didn't even want to smile or laugh. He'd stop when ever I looked at him, and I don't think the moodiness was just a first impression thing, I think it's an all time thing, and I can't help thinking maybe it's me. Maybe it's my fault he's being moody. When ever he looks at me, I feel his moodiness, and in the pictures I've seen of him he'd always looked happy, or been smiling at least. He hadn't been like that now, and I know I shouldn't think this but I think it's my fault. I think he has a problem with me, but I just don't know what it is.


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