4 Way Heart

It hasn't always been easy for me, but when Harry became famous it was worse. I couldn't make friends, people started to hate me just because of my brother, and it was lucky that I even got spoken to by one person. I had no one.
Dad kicked Harry out for getting into, the now famous, band without his knowledge and after that we lost contact with each other. Before Harry got chucked out there of course was one person who acknowledged me but it was complicated. In the end he broke my heart, and now I have to live with the bad memories, and wonder if my brother even remembers me anymore.
*Please Note: Some details are not real, as in Harry's relatives and stuff like that, and I have changed them from real life for my storys purpose.* Fantastic cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX, thank you!*


4. Not Quite The Luckiest Girl In The World


I woke up suddenly, covered in sweat and not being able to see. I rubbed my eyes, groaning as my body felt all tired and lazy. I couldn't move, or maybe I didn't want to. I could feel soft cushions below me and for a moment I was confused as to where I was. I opened my eyes fully taking in the scenery.

I was lying on a leather sofa covered with cushions which was opposite a massive T.V screen. There was a coffee table in between, and two other sofas on each side. The room was quite large, painted a dark grey and the carpet white and fluffy. Where was I?

Then memories came flooding back, my dad's harsh words echoing in my head. I rammed my eyes shut, shaking my head trying to get rid of them, and putting my hands on the side of my head. I had a pain splitting headache and my feet were sore. That's when I realised someone had taken off my shoes, and I opened my eyes looking around again. They weren't anywhere to be seen.

I fumbled for my phone in my pocket but it wasn't there. I looked for it, but I couldn't see that either. I swung my legs from the sofa feeling nervous and scared. That's when a thought popped into my head in the form of Harry's face. Maybe this was where Harry lived. This seemed a good answer so I tried to stand up to find him but felt too dizzy all of a sudden so stayed where I was, rubbing my eyes again.

"Hello sleepy head" said a voice behind me, and I turned my head so quickly at the noise that I creaked my neck.

I took in his appearance and decided that this was Zayn Malik. I didn't know what to say, staring at him as he looked at me. What was I supposed to say?

I rubbed my neck awkwardly, hating that I probably looked like a complete mess and there were no mirrors to clarify that fact. He smiled at me, then turned, walking to the door way on my right hand side and yelling to the rest of the house: "Harry! She's awake."

I could hear scampering feet hurrying and soon enough Harry appeared at the door beside Zayn looking worried.

"Thank god" he said and he started to walk towards me.

Zayn followed, keeping back, and watching us. Harry dropped down to the sofa beside me, and rubbed my arm saying "are you okay?"

I tried to say something, but I didn't know what to say so I shrugged at him. He put his arm round me, and I rested my head on his chest very aware that Zayn was still looking at us in a sort of amused way. "You passed out" he explained to me, which sort of answered the unasked question that I wanted to ask him.

I nodded. "Where am I?" I asked but the words didn't really come out as that.

"Er, pardon?" he asked, as I lifted my head to look at him.

I cleared my throat and asked again "where am I?"

"Where do you think?" he replied not answering the question.

I looked round at Zayn and the room and the back to him. "Your house?" I replied with a question mark.

He nodded and said "yeah, just a flat not a house."

"Okay" I replied, and then had to stifle a yawn.

"Tired?" he questioned and I nodded. "You've been out for about five hours" he told me.

I looked at him wide eyed then looked to the window. It was starting to get dark and I realised now that we must be high up which made me believe that we were in a flat and not a house. He smiled at me and then said comfortingly "I had to stop the boys from hiring ten million doctors for you."

I smiled slightly at this, and again looked at Zayn, except he was gone so I couldn't actually. I looked back round to Harry and asked him "why couldn't they hire ten million doctors for me?"

Harry chuckled slightly the replied "safety reasons. It may give away our position. We wouldn't want any fans finding out where we are. They'd do who knows what to us and the flat."

I nodded understanding him. "But why would they want to hire doctors for me?"

Harry looked at me like I was stupid and replied "your my sister, and their my friends. They care about me, well at least I think,  so they care about you."

I nodded then smiled weakly saying quietly "at least some one does."

He lifted my chin up and asked with a concerned face "what do you mean by that? What's wrong?"

I couldn't say it, just stared back at him. He looked at me more pressingly and asked again "what's wrong? Why were you running and why were you crying?"

I looked away. I didn't want to say it, because then I knew it would be true. I'd admit that it was the truth.

"Annie please tell me? What happened?" he questioned me. I answered none of his questions, tears forming in my eyes again. "Was it him? Was it something to do with dad?"

I nodded, suddenly tears leaking from my eyes. Harry pulled me close, smoothing down my hair, and asking softly "what did he do?"

"He chucked me out" I choked, hardly able to form words through my crying.

Harry suddenly tensed up, cursing dad under his breath. "Why'd he do that?" he aske me.

"Because of you" I told him the truth. "He though I hated him, and was on your side all along."

"Oh Annie" he moaned, and he squeezed me tight, "I'm so sorry."

I shook my head. "It's not your fault."

"It is" he argued. "I never should have gone back to the house with you. He saw me didn't he?"

I shrugged. "I don't know."

I tried to wipe my tears away, but they wouldn't go away. "Annie-" he started again but I cut him off.

"Just shhh please. Don't make it harder than it already is".

He nodded, letting me cry in silence, rocking me slightly side to side. "He said I wasn't his daughter any more" I whispered, telling him what was hurting me the most out of it all.

Harry squeezed me tight whispering back "that makes two of us. He said I wasn't his son anymore."

Just then I heard footsteps and the an Irish voice saying "oh". I looked round to the door, knowing it was Niall and seeing him backing out of the room. "Er, sorry" he said before then hurrying off again.

"Sorry" Harry said chuckling. "Our privacy was probably going to be invaded sometime soon. It's what I expected."

I tried to smile, taking my head away from shoulder and slipping out of his arms saying "I don't want to think about dad at the moment."

Harry nodded and replied "lets not."

I smiled at him, this time properly. He smiled back then said with a humorous tone in his voice "right then, do you want to be the luckiest girl in the world?"

He pushed himself up from the sofa, and I looked at him with a curious look. "What do you mean?" I asked, wiping my eyes again.

"Well" he started helping me up. My legs shook, but at least my head had stopping thumping and spinning like it had done before. "It's not everyday you get to be in the same flat as One Direction" he continued, and despite what I was feeling a laughed a little at this. Tons of people would kill to be in my place right now.

I nodded. "Okay then, but I'm not sure I'm quite the luckiest girl in the world."

"Why's that?" he asked cocking an eyebrow.

"I have you as my brother" I told him and he mocked a hurt face. "And I look like death" I added, catching site of myself in a mirror I had just noticed by the door as we began to step towards it.

"What does it matter?" he asked, as he put his arm around my shoulders and we walked through to what was a kitchen.

I stared. It was a bloody mess in here. "What have you done?"

I gave him an exasperated look, and despite the look on my face he just chuckled.

"Ah I see you've still got OCD then" he remarked with an amused smirk.

"I do not" I snapped back, crossing my arms in annoyance.

There was dirty pots and pans everywhere, left over plates of food, half drunk mugs of tea and the table was covered in paper, pencils and general stuff as well as what looked like left over plates from eating recently. Who wouldn't I be disgusted by it?

"Aww well, what ever you say, but I bet you'll clear it up given half the chance" he replied, chucking to himself again.

"I'm not your slave" I told him, giving him a glare but then sighing and saying "but I can't stand mess so I will clear it up, later though."

He laughed, and rumpled my hair saying in a too sweet voice "thank you Annie."

I slapped him in the arm saying "don't use sweet talk with me."

He grinned, and I just rolled my eyes as we headed out of the door of the kitchen and into a hall way opposite the stairs. The front door was on the right at the end of a small hall way and there was another door on the left which was closed and padlocked. I looked at it curiously as Harry came to a stand still and I stopped to.

"What's in there?" I asked him, still looking at the door.

"Stuff" he replied unhelpfully shrugging.

I gave him a weird look but didn't ask him again. I sighed, then remembering that I'd lost my phone, or I atleast didn't have it in my own pocket any more. "Harry where's my phone?" I asked.

He put his hand in his pocket pulling out my phone saying "here."

"Thanks" I replied reaching out for it but he held it out of my reach giving me a cheeky look.

"Harry" I snapped, trying to make a grab for it but he was too tall. I glared at him as I jumped trying to get it back, hitting him to try and make him let go, but he just wouldn't. I finally got tried of yelling at him to give it back and instead, stepped back again saying with an evil sounding hint to my voice "well, you had it coming."

He looked at me curiously but didn't have much time to contemplate as I yelled "rugby tackle" and made a run at him, grabbing him around the legs where his knees were. He was taken a back, falling over and shouting out. I just laughed, as I fell on top of him trying to prise his fingers from my phone and attempting to tickle him when that didn't work.

He started laughing even more, and finally his grip slackened and I grabbed my phone, giving him a look of triumph as I still sat on top of him. He was still laughing lots but still managed to say "awww god, I forgot about your rugby tackling."

I couldn't help but smile back at him. Rugby tackling him was one of my many specialities.

Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps and I turned my head to see four boys standing on the stairs looking down at us. I felt myself go red as the one nearest to us laughed with a smirk on his face saying "well this is an interesting term of events."

I quickly got off my brother, helping him up and looking awkwardly up at the boys. The boy who had spoken was still smirking, and as I took in his appearance I recognized this to be Louis Tomlinson. He made his way down the stairs and looked at me his smirk becoming more prominent. I felt awkward as he looked at me.

He said to Harry who was looking a little embarrassed "well Harry I'd like you to know your rules are going to be damn hard not to break."

Harry didn't say anything in reply, looking a little annoyed all of a sudden. He looked round at me, and I gave him a questioning look. What rules?

"Yep" said the Irish voice which of course belonged to Niall, as he came down the stairs next. "He's right Harry."

I again gave Harry a look again waiting for an explanation but he didn't seem to be going to say anything. I looked back to the other boys, who were all staring at me. Maybe they'd tell me what these rules were, and why it concerned me. But they didn't say anything, just stare.

I pushed some hair out of my face awkwardly still red in the face, and particularly aware that the boy who was still standing on the stairs behind Zayn was completely transfixed about something about me and wouldn't move his eyes away. I stared back. This was Liam Payne then.

"Er, so aren't you going to introduce us Harry?" asked Zayn who stepped down to the floor beside Niall and Louis.

They looked to Harry who was despite not being the one being stared at was looking awkward to. I tried to avoid the gaze of Liam who was still looking at me and so far hadn't said anything yet, by communicating with my eyes to Harry to say something.

Harry cleared his throat rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly and saying "er, yeah. Everyone this is Annie. Annie these are the boys. Louis, Zayn, Niall and...er, Liam"

He pointed to each one in turn, hesitating slightly as he pointed to Liam who still hadn't stopped looking at me. Harry was glaring at Liam, and as he did the other three turned to look back at him to.

"Liam mate" called Louis "remember the rules right. Snap out of it would you."

Liam seemed to react to this, finally looking away, looking moody as he mumbled "yeah, right. Sorry."

I couldn't help studying him curiously, wondering again what the rules were and also why Liam was so moody.

Louis turned back to me, and chuckled. "Sooo" he started dragging out the o, "what's up babe?"

I just looked at him not knowing what to say, and nervously biting my lip at how he'd called me 'babe'. I hated anyone saying that word, let alone calling me that.

Suddenly Harry snapped "Louis" warningly which made me glance at him. He was giving Louis a threatening look almost.

"Soz, it's just in my nature. I flirt" he told Harry, and then gave me a cheeky grin "especially with hot girls."

"Louis" snapped Harry again, as I turned even redder.

"Sorry" Louis whined.

Harry laughed, and then said "i guess you can't help being a total player can you?"

"Oi! I'm not a player" argued Louis looking defensive but winking at me all the same.

I didn't know how to react to that, turning to Harry to see him give Louis a glare again.

Louis just rolled his eyes, and then said "well, what we doing standing around here?"

And then he stepped forward, going round me and through into the kitchen saying as he did "sorry about the mess in here."

I turned too, following Harry through the door followed by Niall and Zayn. I looked back over my shoulder, noticing that Liam was no longer on the stairs and had actually gone. I turned my head back round thinking it quite rude of him to just walk off like that.

I looked round the kitchen again, as the boys seemed to be picking up left drinks and in Niall's case opening the fridge and pulling out a sandwich.

I stepped more into the room, not being able to hold in a giggle as Niall started to scoff the sandwich. So he did like his food I guess? I giggled again as I walked to the kitchen table and they all looked round at me. I smiled saying "sorry."

Louis grinned at me, and Niall said quietly form behind "you have a cute laugh."

I turned round to him, finding that he was looking embarrassed and turning red. I smiled at him and he smiled back as I muttered him a quick "thanks" feeling more awkward again.

"Right" Harry snapped suddenly and I jumped at his sudden annoyance, turning back around. He was looking annoyed. The boys looked at him too, Louis rolling his eyes.

"What?" I was the one to ask.

He just gave me a 'nothing' look and then beckoned at the boys. "Boys meeting now!"

"Are you serious?" moaned Louis who had now sat down and had his feet up on the table.

Harry didn't have to say anything, the look on his face said it all. He just pointed to the door through to the sitting room, and the boys scurried off with moans and groans, which were mostly from Louis.

"Harry" I started wondering what was going on. He came over giving me a smile as though he hadn't just called for a boys meeting right in front of me.

"It's okay Annie, I just need to have a word with them alright?"

I nodded. Boys sometimes had to do things like that, but to be honest I was keen to know what he wanted to say to them. I also wanted to know why he was so touchy about Louis flirting with me and also what were these rules they were referring to.

He smiled again, yelling "Liam, boys meeting!" and then walking through to where the others were. I watched him go, and sighed. I still couldn't believe that I was with Harry. It seemed like forever since he'd talked to me. It was nice to meet the boys to, atleast they were other people I could talk to rather than just myself and a drunk, angry dad.

My smile faded at the thought of him and what had happened. What was I going to do? Dad chucked me out, saying he never wanted to see me again and said I wasn't his daughter. I wasn't going back there. I'm not going to because I can't. He doesn't want me there so what can I do?

Stay here, the thought popped into my head but I shook it away. I couldn't expect to stay here long, Harry probably didn't have room and plus it probably was about time I tried to live on my own. I sighed at this thought, a tear forming at the corner of my eye. I didn't want to have been chucked out, I didn't want to be hated by dad, but it happened, and I can't do anything about it.

The realisation grew on me that this must have been what it was like for Harry when he got chucked out. When that happened he didn't have an older brother or sister to go to though. He had no one apart from the boys, and me, his own sister had thought he hated me and wanted to leave me on my own. It wasn't him who had left me, that wasn't his fault, it was me who hadn't stood up for him and hadn't helped him.

I felt more tears slide down my face at this thought. He said he'd forgiven me, but I don't know whether I really believe it. He shouldn't have forgiven me, what I've done was horrible. I thought he was the one who was to blame for leaving me all on my own, but it wasn't his fault. It was me as well. I rejected him. It was all my fault.

"Harry" a voice yelled and that's when I realised I was on the floor, crying so hard that I couldn't see. Someone was leaning over me saying my name but I couldn't see them properly, couldn't think straight.

I heard hurried footsteps then my brothers arms round me his voice saying "Annie, don't cry. Please stop it. What's the matter?"

I couldn't listen to him. I didn't record his next comforting words. All I could say is "I'm sorry" over and over again as I sat on my brothers kitchen floor, surrounded by the members of a famous boy band, crying my eyes out.


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