4 Way Heart

It hasn't always been easy for me, but when Harry became famous it was worse. I couldn't make friends, people started to hate me just because of my brother, and it was lucky that I even got spoken to by one person. I had no one.
Dad kicked Harry out for getting into, the now famous, band without his knowledge and after that we lost contact with each other. Before Harry got chucked out there of course was one person who acknowledged me but it was complicated. In the end he broke my heart, and now I have to live with the bad memories, and wonder if my brother even remembers me anymore.
*Please Note: Some details are not real, as in Harry's relatives and stuff like that, and I have changed them from real life for my storys purpose.* Fantastic cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX, thank you!*


19. Food Fight


When the others got back from the shops I went down stairs to help pack all the food away and start to help Harry with the cooking. He still didn't want me to help but I insisted that I was going to help him and he finally gave up with trying to talk me out of it.

"You do realise that you don't have to cut the carrots that precisely?" Harry told me, as I cut carrots and he was filling up the kettle with water.

"I want to" I replied back, glaring as he smirked at my neatness of cutting up.

"Well when we eat it it's just going to get all mushed up anyway" Harry continued.

I pulled a disgusted face. "Ewww, don't be disgusting."

"That wasn't disgusting. I could say some things far more disgusting than that" he replied.

I rolled my eyes, still showing my disgust replying "I guess so." Then asking "why are boys so disgusting?"

I heard someone laugh behind me and looked round to find Niall coming through from the other room looking amused.

I smiled back at him as he mused "now that is a question" going over to the fridge to no doubt get something to eat.

"It's just in our nature I guess" Harry answered, pouring the now boiled water into a pan.

I nodded, and then frowned at Niall. He noticed my look as he was rummaging in the fridge. "No wonder you lot ran out of food" I commented and then added in reply to Niall "surely you should wait until dinner?"

"Yes Niall" Harry joined in smirking, "listen to Annie."

Niall pouted, shutting the fridge again. "But I'm hungry!" he exclaimed and I just giggled at his childish expression.

"Well you'll have to wait" I told him, giving him a cheeky yet serious look.

He sighed, grinning back at me and walking through to the other room again. Harry laughed and I shot him a look, as I swatted his hand away as he tried to steal a piece of carrot.

Harry fake pouted and then asked babyishly "what? No food for me either?"

I shook my head, hitting his hand away again. "Nope, you have to wait to."

He pouted more. "No fair. Harry hungry."

I just rolled my eyes at him. "Yeah and you'll stay hungry if you keep acting like that."

He made his eyes well up, taking up a mock face of sadness. "Harry sad."

I rolled my eyes yet again. "Since when did you talk about your self in third person?"

"Since you denied me a piece of carrot" he replied back decided to give up the baby voice and face.

I just sniggered at him, and then picked up a piece of carrot giving him a smile. "Fine, have a piece. Just don't tell Niall."

He nodded, taking the carrot piece and eating in in one. "Cheers squiggle bum bum."

He earned a whack in the arm for using my nick name as I finally finished cutting up the carrots into equal square pieces. I pushed the board over to Harry so he could put them in the pan.

He laughed at me. "OCD or what?"

I hit him playfully again, glaring. "I don't have OCD."

"Yes you do" he protested in a sing song voice, still smirking widely.

"No I don't" I snapped back, annoyed.

"Yes you do."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't."

"Yes you don't."

"No I don't."

He suddenly burst out laughing again, not arguing back. "What?" I snapped at him.

"I said yes you don't, meaning I agree with you" he said in explanation for his laugh.

I whacked him again. "Stop being clever."

"Oh no that wasn't being clever, that was just being" he started stopping to find the right word.

"Annoying" I suggested.

"Nope, I was going to say fantastic" he replied, grinning cheekily.

I rolled my eyes, and told him in an undertone "you aren't fantastic."

Harry made an offended noise. "Hey, that's not fair."

I smirked at him, and he just still looked mock offended, but then rolled his eyes, going back to normal. "Yeah, I'll just opt for clever then."

I laughed, stirring the sauce which we were making. "No I don't think you're clever anymore."

He pouted at me. "Why not?"

"You just put jam in the sauce you idiot" I told him.

Harry swore, taking the spoon from me and poking the sauce. I laughed, and he turned his head to give me a look. "That was a joke right?"

"Right" I confirmed, still smirking and laughing again.

He gave me an annoyed look, stirring at the sauce as though it had offended him. "It wasn't a very funny joke."

I laughed again, but then sighed. "Jokes aren't my strong point."

He nodded in agreement to that. "I know." Then he chuckled continuing on saying "do you remember the joke about the rabbit and the cheese that you used to think was funny?"

I turned red at this memory. "Shhh" I said, waving my hands about so he wouldn't say it out loud. "That was embarrassing."

Harry laughed. "I know right. It was a really terrible joke, which is probably why it was funny in the end."

I nodded. "Yeah, you never stopped teasing me about that after I made the mistake of saying it."

He laughed again. "Maybe I should tell the boys" he mused, gesturing in the direction of the other room.

I shook my head quickly, clamping my hand over his mouth. "No, don't."

Harry laughed behind my hand, his voice muffled as he promised "I won't, don't worry."

I gave him a serious look, taking my hand away and stirring the sauce still eyeing him up just in case he decided to break his promise and go and tell them. Luckily he didn't seem to be breaking his promise all through finishing cooking.

Once it was ready, we plated it up, put it on and table and Harry called the boys in. Niall was first into the kitchen (of course), looking ravenous as he chucked himself down into his seat, grabbing his fork without waiting for anyone else and starting to eat. I giggled at him, sitting down myself as the others ambled in to sit down to.

"This is great" Niall commented through his mouth full of spaghetti, and I laughed again.

"Thank you" I thanked, him waiting until everyone was sitting down before trying any of it myself.

Turns out it was quite good actually. "See Harry" I called across the table "I didn't make it disgusting."

Harry shrugged. "It's alright I suppose" he said after swallowing.

I shot him a glare. He just smirked back then told Niall "well you'll eat anything mate, so as far as your concerned anything is great."

Niall looked offended at this comment but had too much food in his mouth at the moment to argue. I couldn't help myself, I giggled again.

"Don't giggle" I heard Liam mutter on my other side and I turned my head to look at him. I don't think anyone else had heard him, well at least I hoped they hadn't.

I gave him a calculating look as he shifted his dark eyes from his plate up at me. I held his gaze for a few seconds, but then hastily looked away preoccupying myself with eating but feeling nervous that I was being watched by him. I hated eating in front of anyone anyway, so eating with my brother and four other boys is not my favourite task, especially when one of then really likes you and you like them to.

I cleared my throat awkwardly, feeling Liam looking at me from my left as I played with the remainder of my food with the fork not actually feeling as though I could bring myself to eat any more since spaghetti was rather hard to eat without looking like a slob. I just pushed the plate away in the end, crossing my arms and waiting for them all to finish their food, as I tried to avoid catching anyone's eye, especially Liam's.

"Well if you think your food is so great" Harry started to comment "then why aren't you eating it?"

"Er" I started awkwardly, as everyone looked round at me "I'm not hungry."

Harry just rolled his eyes, and carried on eating. Niall was eying up the rest of my spaghetti since he'd finished his own, Louis who had finished too had his feet up on the table, Zayn was still eating and Liam I knew was still giving me that look. I could just feel his eyes on me, luring me to look round at him again but I resisted with difficulty.

"So Annie" Louis started up, obviously sensing the awkward silence fallen over us. I looked over at him keen for a distraction. "What other subjects do you take apart from Maths?" he asked with a smile on his face.

I smiled back and replied "well English literature, chemistry and business studies."

He gave me a surprised look saying "business studies, you do business studies? Isn't that like the most boring subject in the world?"

I nodded in agreement to this and explained "dad made me take it, said it would be good for me since I did GCSE business studies. But I'm going to drop it when and if I go back to sixth form anyway."

"Okay" he replied nodding. "So you're a bit of a braniac then?"

I almost snorted at this but didn't, laughing a little. I shook my head. "Hardly. I practically failed all my GCSE's."

"Aww I'm sure that's not true" Louis comforted but I gave him a look which meant he was talking nonsense.

"I got a D in Maths" I told him, feeling a little embarrassed at that. "The only reason they let me do maths in sixth form was because dad kicked up a fuss. I don't even like maths." I sighed.

"Sounds like dad controlled what you choose to do then?" Harry said chipping into the conversation.

I nodded. "Pretty much."

"But that's unfair" I heard Liam say and I couldn't help but look round at him.

My voice softened and nearly faltered as I replied "life's unfair."

"Yeah, I know" he grumbled, and I just nodded, quickly averting my eyes as he stared back at me. Only we would both understand the full of what we both were really saying.

"But don't you like English anyway? Or am I just imagining that?" asked Harry.

"Yeah, English is my best subject" I replied smiling, then turning a little more red as I added "I got an A star in GCSE English."

"And you say you're not a braniac" Louis exclaimed exasperated with a roll of his eyes.

I smiled at him. "Well I'm not good at anything else."

"Oh really" Harry replied, and he sat up looking disbelieving. "You tell some pretty good jokes don't you?"

I stared at him, not seeing that coming, my face glowing red as I formed my shocked look into more of a glare. He was going to break his promise about not bringing up my bad embarrassing joke.

"That's not what I meant" I snapped at him.

He just sniggered as Niall asked sounding curious "what's this? Tell us a joke."

I shook my head quickly, as Harry continued to look so pleased with himself. "I hate you Harry" I mouthed at Harry, feeling disgruntled.

"Come on Annie tell us a joke" Louis pressurised me to as I turned even redder.

"No. I don't know any good ones" I quickly replied, glaring some more at Harry as he was nearly falling of his chair from laughing.

"Sure you do Annie. What about the one about the bunny" he started but however he never finished his sentence as I'd grabbed some spaghetti off my plate chucking it across the table at him so it hit him splat in the face. He didn't look so amused now.

I laughed at him this time as he swore, taking spaghetti from his hair as the others started laughing, even Liam this time. I looked round at him, noticing that change in his eyes as he chuckled deeply causing me to feel my breath catch in my throat. I felt like I was going to fall off my chair as he looked me in the eye that grin still on his face., but before I could really lose myself in his eyes tomato sauce and spaghetti hit me round the side of the face.

I screamed in annoyance, losing my bearings as the sauce went in my eyes. "Harry!" I shrieked, and grabbed some more spaghetti, chucking it in his direction as I wiped my eyes.

Except I misjudged where I was throwing it and accidently it caught Niall in the face. "Sorry" I apologized but I guess it was to late for that because before I knew what was happening every one was on their feet, chucking spaghetti and sauce around at each other.

I didn't know who was throwing what, or who I was chucking food at. All I knew was that I was laughing and for once I felt myself enjoying something even if I was covered in sauce. I could hear the others yelling, laughing to, and it was as though everything was in sort of slow motion. I ducked, as Louis aimed at me, and instead it hit Liam who was behind me. I stood up straight again, dodging some sauce from Harry and turning to see Liam, wiping sauce from his face, looking angry.

He didn't look like he was enjoying it, he wasn't laughing or smiling. He was really angry and it made me lose my smile.

"I'm sorry" I apologized to him, as sauce splattered all around.

"It's fine" he replied back sounding aggravated as he got hit again by Louis.

He swore, flicked sauce off his hands at the others angrily, really looking like he was about to punch someone. I feared this turning to see only too late that the others seemed to have ganged up on me and Liam and before I could shout at them to not a plate full of spaghetti and sauce hit me in the face, making me slip back banging into Liam and losing my footing.

I felt dizzy as I tumbled to the floor, laughing erupting all around me from the others as mine and Liam's limbs got all tangled as we fell. He grabbed a hold of me as I tried to stop myself from falling but that only resulted in me somehow rotating full circle and landing onto of him instead. I squealed, trying to say sorry but being to breathless to as I tried to avoid elbowing him, rolling to the side.

We both tried to stand up at the same side, but there was too much sauce on the kitchen tiles and it was too slippery. In all the dizzying panic I tried to grab a hold of something as I was falling again taking a hold of Liam's shirt by accident. I let go of him, but that only caused my feet to slip forwards, losing my balance as I began falling again.

Luckily Liam somehow managed to grab my arms and somehow steady me and himself in all of this madness. I don't know how really but he just did, holding onto me as I held onto him, trying to get the sauce out of my eyes and try to stop all my dizziness. I looked up at him, feeling him catch me in the eyes, feeling again that intense burning feeling inside of me and that exhilarating feeling at the touch against the bare skin of my arms.

It was as though everything around us had stopped, everything was silent, it was just me and him, in this moment, looking into each others eyes. I felt him lower his head towards me, his lips so close I just wanted to feel them on mine again.

But that's when I realised where we were, and more to the point who was in the room, and i pulled myself away as though I'd received an electric shot. The others were staring at us, Harry wide eyed and angry looking. Niall physically had his mouth open a little, Louis was smirking and smiling at the same time, and Zayn was looking surprised.

"Er, I" I tried to talk, to say something, pulling spaghetti from my hair, my face red and embarrassed. I finally got speech back saying "I don't think I should have started this food fight."

Louis was the first to speak up breaking from his trance. He laughed then said "yeah, that got a bit out of hand."

I nodded, looking at Harry as he glared at Liam. I looked round at Liam to, he was looking back at Harry looking embarrassed and also aggravated with himself. I could tell he wished he hadn't done what he just nearly did. I could tell from that look on his face.

I looked back at Harry, feeling like saying something but not knowing what.

"You nearly just f*****g kissed her!" Harry yelled finally snapping out of his glaring angry state and actually saying something. I felt myself wanting to cry as he continued to swear looking like he was about to start fighting Liam.

He neared Liam as Liam helplessly tried to say it was an accident and that he was sorry.

"What were you doing?" Harry yelled as he advanced closer and closer to Liam, looking angrier and angrier.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and stepped between them. Harry froze looking at me, and suddenly taking on a soft expression.

"Please stop" I told him. "He didn't mean to do that. He really didn't Harry, it was an accident, and plus he didn't even kiss me." My voice was angry sounding even though I was feeling sad and nearly crying again.

Harry looked like he didn't know what to say. I carried on. "Harry, just please calm down. He just made a mistake that's all. We all make them."

"But you're my sister" Harry suddenly spoke up.

"I know" I snapped at him. "But what doe's that matter Harry? He didn't break your rules."

I knew I was lying, but I just needed to stop this fight over me. I wouldn't let them argue and fight over me. I'm not worth it.

"Yes he did" Harry yelled.

"He didn't kiss me Harry" I told him. Not now anyway he didn't kiss me. Yes he did kiss me before but he didn't need to know that, that would only make this situation a whole lot worse.

"He almost did" Harry argued back.

"Yes, I know, but he said he's sorry" I replied, turning to look at Liam. "You didn't mean to did you?"

He shook his head quickly, taking on a pleading quality of voice towards Harry "it was an accident."

Harry looked disbelieving, but soon after some more words from me he backed down, slumping down in a seat. "I f*****g need to go over the rules with you lot."

I didn't say anything at first, wiping sauce from my face. "I'll go and let you talk to them."

Harry looked round at me and nodded. "Okay" he agreed then sighed, giving me an apologetic expression. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry."

I sighed. "It's not your fault. It's okay" I told him, although I really wasn't okay, wiping away tears in my eyes. I then left the room without a backwards glance.

I feared for what was going to happen now. I really wish I hadn't started the food fight because then me and Liam never would have got sauce thrown at us, fallen over and nearly kissed.

This is all my fault.

Why did this have to happen? Why did Liam have to like me? I feel like screaming. Why doe's everything have to go so wrong for me? Why?


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