Adopted by Simon

Finn Cierce is a 13 year old girl living in an adoption center. She is the most popular girl there and the toughest. She wears high tops, jeans, plaid shirts and beanies and she is recognized by every kid in the center. She is been in almost every foster home possible but they always give her back and nobody really knows why. What happens when Simon Cowell wants to adopt her and live with him and the one and only One direction?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Finn's P.O.V

"so how'd you get back this time?" Penelope asked me when I returned to the Angel Children Adoption Center for about the time this month. "I trashed the house" I said. Lies. If there is one thing you should know about me its that I lie. A lot. I don't mean to.. I just can't let them find about.... about who I really am.. what I really do... why people really don't like me... I can't tell you my secret yet because I don't want you to leave me like everyone else, but you'll find out soon. I will tell you a few things though. 

My name is Finn. I know it sounds like a boy name but I'm a girl, a 13 year old girl to be exact. My biological name is Cierce, but we don't technically use last names here. I was here since I was 10. I'm the most popular kid here. I don't know why, but when I got here I felt like i needed a change so I changed and I guess people liked it because as I told you before, I'm the most popular kid. 

I have a gang sorta thing. We don't do bad things its just like a group of us orphans that are always hanging out. The group is me, Penelope Vita, Jordyn Toril, and Skyler Verena. I'm really friends with everyone but those are the closest.

Skyler and I are the best of friends. She knows everything about me. She knows my secret, of course, and she still cares about me. She didn't tell anyone and she just plays it cool. She doesn't say anything, she just reacts like everyone else, but in a good way. She doesn't want them to find out about the real me so she only talks about it when its just us two. 

I know its not good to lie, but in my story it makes sense.

Authors Note:

One Direction will be in the story soon. I just decided to make a chapter about Finn so that before something with 1D happens, you know about her life a bit.


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