Taken <3


1. Prologue

"Bye mom. I will see you during spring break." I quietly spoke to my mom on the phone, looking around for my friend, Abby, at the crowded airport.

"Aw, alright. I'm going to miss my sweet Emily. Call me whenever you need help!" I could hear her about to cry in her soft voice, but she choked it back.

"Got to go. I see Abigail. Love you! Bye!" I hung up the phone and dragged my suitcase, barely running to my friend who had been waving."Abby!!" I hollered at her.

"Oh my gosh! Emmy! I've missed you so much! We need to catch up on so many things!" She squealed with her strong accent." Gee, what an accent for being raised in New York.

"Uh, on what? We text and skype almost everyday. You want me to tell you about the things I packed and my boring 8 hour plane ride?" Abby lead us to her car, while I was dragging my two leather suit cases that were rumbling on the messy streets. I could recognize her car that she had when we lived in New York. Her small red Honda.

"No, no. I'm fine." She shook her head and chuckled during the movement. She dragged my suitcase away from me and packed it in the back. "So, uh Brittany is coming tomorrow.." Abby sighed.

"What? Why?!" I almost screamed at her as I sat in the car. "She is a slut! Don't you remember? She was one of the reasons I left my family in New York!"

"I'm sorry.. alright? She is rooming with us. But, on the bright side, we are going to have Paige," She half smiled.

Brittany is my high school enemy. But, she was in our "pack". I hated it though. Paige hates her, too. But she always has some way of liking people. Ugh. Well, I didn't and I hope this bitch doesn't ruin my friggin' rest of my year. Or any other year.

Abby took a gigantic sigh, she opened her mouth to say something, but she closed it and a big smile grew in her face as her cheeks turned a reddish red. I stared at her as she drove carefully home.

"Uh? What are you so smiley about?" I stared blankly at her almost smirking.

"Liam and the boys are at our house," she stopped at a red light and closed her eyes. Abigail was so easy to fall in love with someone. All they have to do is look hot and they have themselves wrapped around her finger. But, she wasn't a slut. Although, Brittany was.

"Ooh, Liammmmm," I teased her. I burst out laughing.


"Don't say anything embarrassing. It's bad enough that I have Paige home embarrassing me. Alright?" She was so funny when she was worried. She is usually laid back.

"What is she doing? Giving fun facts?" I chuckled as she unlocked the door.

"Hey, Abby is back!" I could see what I could remember what Liam looked like from the face cameras. "And here is the beautiful Emily." I smiled. I get so shy around people I had never met before, but Liam I was familiar with. He introduced me to all the boys. Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis. But one, caught my eye.

A/N: Hello my fellow fan fiction readers of One Direction! I am so sorry for sucks a short first chapter, but, whatever. I just wanted to say, there is more to come. :) I decided to start writing because of my inspiration, jorgiemathews1D. Her Untamed series has just made me want to write. I had started to write, I was just too scared to publish them. But, I know I can start to publish these because I feel confident, thanks to the gorgeous writer, Jorgie. Thanks so much, to all those other writers who inspired me to write. We'll, let the long journeys of writing and editing begin! :D

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