Reading. Sucks.

12 year old Juliette Blat learns to love to read in this hilarious book, Reading.Sucks.


2. The Worst Birthday Ever


"Mom, why did you get me a Nancy Drew book?" I asked Mom

"Well Julie, I got this book when I turned 12, as did my mother - your granny - before me. I thought it fitting that you would get it on your 12th birthday too. Then you can pass it on to your children, and so on. It's a very good book, and if you like it I'll buy you the rest of the books in the series." I pushed down my frustration and turned my attention to the other presents. "Julie, I insist you read this book."My mom said, pushing down her frustration. "Juliette Blat, are you listening to me?" "Sure, mom, sure."I said as I prepared to open another present. My eyes widened as I read the side "Percy Jackson Boxed set?"Next present,"Harry Potter Boxed Set?" and every single present after. "Inheritance Cycle? The Alchemist Series? A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS?!" This birthday was an unfortunate event! I opened the last present, excited because it was too thin and hard to be a book. The foundations of the house shook as I bellowed,



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