Reading. Sucks.

12 year old Juliette Blat learns to love to read in this hilarious book, Reading.Sucks.


1. Prologue

Hi. My name's Julie Blat. I'm turning 12 years old. And I absolutely hate reading. But today is my day. The one day of the year when I'm in charge. Today is July 26th, my birthday. I woke up when a tray of steaming waffles, loaded with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and maple syrup just the way I like them, were gently set on my lap while my whole family- Mom, Dad, and Benny-sang happy birthday. I gobbled up my waffles and jumped out of bed to open a present. I chose a heavy one and ripped off the wrapping paper. My mouth dropped open in surprise.

It was a book.

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