Reading. Sucks.

12 year old Juliette Blat learns to love to read in this hilarious book, Reading.Sucks.


5. New Books

I slowly approached Mom. "Mom? I finished the book you gave me."Really? Already? It's only been an hour. Nice job Julie. " I edged towards her. ", I wondered where you put the books I got for my birthday." "Oh, those? I thought you didn't want them so I threw them away." "REALLY!!!!!" I believed her until I saw the twinkle in her eye. "Where are they" I demanded. "I put them in your room. Next to your bed. But I thought you hated reading." "Well, maybe I changed my mind." "Maybe you did."I ran up to my room and found all those beautiful, new, fat books just waiting for me to read them. It seemed like they were saying, "Dig in!" And I did.

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