Reading. Sucks.

12 year old Juliette Blat learns to love to read in this hilarious book, Reading.Sucks.


3. Nancy Drew?

 I had a pretty good birthday after that. Still a little disappointing by  the presents, but, what can ya do? We had chocolate raspberry cake - yum! - and pizza. I went to bed content. The next day my mom woke me up, plopped me in a couch, and set Nancy Drew:The Haunted Bridge in my lap. "Mom!"I yelled. "what are you doing?" "Young lady, you are going to read this book right now. No exceptions. " "But Mom-" I started but one look at her and I knew I shouldn't keep arguing. "Fine." I grumbled, and opened it to the first page. "Sorry, miss,but I wouldn't go near that bridge for a million dollars,"said the young, freckle-faced caddy." Hmm.

"This book could be interesting"I thought to myself as I started reading.

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