Uncle Si's Daughter

My name is Courtney Cowell. My father is Simon Cowell. My dad is really strict. Will I ever fall in love or will I die a cat lady ?!?


2. 2


I walked into my house from school. I had a crap ton if homework and was starving. I wasn't at all surprised to see the boy band 'One Direction' sitting on my couch playing 'Truth or Dare'. They had asked if i would want to play and I just shook my head. I walked into the kitchen and scrummaged around the cabinets. My stomach growled, "Dad!!" You need to buy food around here." He responded loud and clear. "There's a butt ton if food down there! If your that picky, go buy food at Wal-Mart or something." I laughed. Like I'm gonna go out. I settled on a bag of chez mix and walked up to my bedroom. I threw my bag on my bed and grabbed my phone off the charger. I clicked on the Facebook app and scrolled.

I got up out of my bed, grabbed my car keys, and walked downstairs. "I'm grabbing Starbucks if you want to come meet me by the car." I walked in to the kitchen and announced to my father where I was going. I walked outside and got into car and backed out of our 5 car garage. I closed the garage again and unlocked the doors. Harry, Niall, and Zayn hopped in. I greeted them then made sure I had my credit card. I did thankfully, so I pulled out of the driveway and onto the main road. "Do you guys want to go anywhere else?" I asked and instantly got a reply. "Can we go to the mall?" Niall pleaded with a puppy face plastered onto his face.

I giggled and nodded. About 5 minutes later, we arrived into the main town square. I pulled into the parking lot of Starbucks and shut off the car. After unbuckling everyone piled out of the car. We went into Starbucks and ordered what we wanted. I got a Cotton Candy Frappe and didn't really pay attention to what everyone ordered. I payed and we all walked back outside. We were bombarded by a bunch of girls in their mid teens. They fan girled and gossiped and fan girled some more. After their episode was over, we piled back into the car. "Wow. Way to go. You forgot your sunglasses you idiots.." I giggled and pulled out of the lot. I made my way to the mall. I asked Harry to text my dad and tell him what was up. He nodded and did just that. I thanked him and looked at what he sent.

To: •Padre?• Hey daddy!! Guess what. Harry is crushing on me and I'm about to say yes to his offer of asking me out, yeah?

Ehh. Should of known. I giggled and continued driving. My phone buzzed and I looked.

From: •Padre?• What!! Get your butt home NOW!! I didn't agree to this.

"Gee, thanks Harry. My dad's gonna kick my butt." I laughed and replied:

To: •Padre?• Hehe , Harry obviously sent that last one . And I'm not gonna say yes .. Shame on you for not knowing better . He . I am actually on my way to Laney's and then we're heading to the mall . I probably won't spend that much . Love ya !! Be home soon ((: -Courtney .

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