The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


2. Who is this Kid ?


As they stood there waiting for him to step out of shower 

Jakie was inside the Bath Tub

Playing with the Tooth paste . Licking them on his mouth and swirling some on
 on his chest .
Until Josh , Skarie and Zach Were Exhausted of waiting any longer ..they just wanted to continue watching the match .. 
" Ughh man this guy is taking to long " Zach Moury's words flew out of his mouth 

  in a quick impulse.

"Uhhhh I know right " Skarie said while scratching his hair .
" you know I actually think he is doing it on purpose " Josh anders Intervened in a Calm Calculative Manner .

"Owwww How Could i not think of that " Zach moury erupted 
" Don't worry we will take him out of the bathroom " Josh said 
" How " Skarie asked .

" I will just turn off the Warm Water on the Boiling Machine "

" That's Cruel " Skarie asked 
" I Know Right " As Josh Run straight to the kitchen 
To Where the Boiling Machine was and turned off the Switch .

" Ouchhhhhh ! " Jakie said as water became suddenly cold as warm water volume decreased . 
As the wind brushed his body He started to Shiver .

 In that Instant he climbed out of the Tub and Took Josh's Towel .

" That was Sick bro " Skarie Scolded Josh

 But he took it as a complement instead

 " I Know I know "

Josh answered

Zach moury " It Doesn't Matter right now ..Let's just get him out and start Playing this Game " 
Skarie " Yeah I think you are not one to say that comparing to what you said that time " 
Zach " but that was a long time ago " 
Josh " that was today bro "

Zach " Ughhh ! Okay Okay "

Finaly the door opened up and the gang was left Laughing hopelessly as they saw Paste on Jackie's cheek

" What " Jackie asked .

Zach was the one laughing the hardest tapping on his left knee over and over they couldn't even hear what he was even saying because of his laugh .

 " Who is this Kid " he asked

but it sounded like 

" Who ...Aha ! ha ! ha ! is this ha ! ha ! is ha ! ha ! this kid "

Zach asked .

" Alright i don't know about this guy i am gonna go dry my self where is the room " Jakie asked

" Oh it's right around the corner on the left .. the blue door "
Josh answered .

" Thanks " Jake showed his appreciation

As he left the boys and Disappeared through the corner .

" Who is this guy ? " Zach Moury asked

"I don't know him ..all i know is that he has a part time job at the Cafeteria just down streets "

   Josh answered.

"Does he ? .. What does he do there ? " Skarie asked paying his full attention

"I think he helps them carry boxes and arrange stuff in the Store or Something " 
Josh answered .

"Ohh ! Does he earn much "

                           Skarie asked as he felt the story was getting intresting

"Nah ! Nah ! i think he probably works for his Uncle something " 
    Josh answered

"Ok let's go watch the Match "  Zach suggested

Jack had already finished Drying off and wore his Clothes .

"Damn this is so Embarrassing " he thought

it's probably the most Embarrassing that has ever happened to him 

expect for the time he got beat up by a girl at Grade 7 .

any ways that was a long time ago . 

at Josh's room ..he opened the window  gazed his eyes upon the streets outside 

it was 8:13 pm .

he took his coat and went to the sitting room where the boys were  .

but they were busy watching the match .

" Hey that was Crazy guys you can't do that , that's an Appropriate you can't force some one into

into the bathroom " he said

"What ! are you talking about " zach said as he pushed jack into the chair

"Shut up and watch the match have fun bro ..besides you look much better than before "

 Zach said

"I guess this how we welcome people into our gang " Skarie said

"Gang i ain't in your gang " Jack said

Josh threw a pillow at Jack  "You are now " he said

and they started laughing through out the Night  and thus was when Jack Met the Gang .





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