The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


7. What about me ?


"Oh i think that's really nice of you"

She said.

"So let's go " he said as he comforted

his hands on his black leather suit jacket

as they started walking through the school


" So tell me about your self ? "

Jessica asked

"Uhm Okay what do you want to hear "

"Well anything about you"

"What about me hmm ! okay let me try "

as he Strecthed out his hands and started to rub

his black curly hair gently.

" I am a nice person i think "

he said

" Haha you think , but that's obvious "

she answered.


"let me give you an example "

she noted

as she rubbed her hands

"My name is Jessica as you already know 

I like flowering flowers

tada tada tada see

how it's done "

Jackie coughed

"Okay my name is Jackie

  I love playing video games

 and eating fruits

 and working with my

  uncle "

                 He said

 " That's better at least I am

  starting to understand now "

  as they walked towards the dining

 hall .






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