The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


4. This is How it's done

"Quit standing there go "  Josh insisted." Okay.. Okay "

Jackie groaned as he murmured with his shivering lips 

As he took steep steps towards her

he pulled his collar up he opened his mouth and said " Hi " 

       She tucked back some of her escaping blonde hair and replied

"Hi " as well ...he didn't reply back or nudged he just stood there  for a few seconds

and then he said

" You are a Beautiful " he said it awkwardly

 " Oh thanks " She said as she pulled

out her little Mirror on a purse

 and started working on her lips stic

   " You are Wel.." 
                 he said only to  stammer

"You are Welcome" he forced the whole sentence almost choking 

him self

    "Uh Sure i think i got to go now " 

         as she picked her purse and left a tip on her dining table .

   and left .


" Tsk ! Tsk ! Poor  Jackie " 

    Josh said out of pity

"Shut up"

  Jackie Annoyed.

"You are telling me to shut up as if it's

    my fault"  


"Jeez Shut up Josh ,he gets it "

     Skarie spoke

As he stood up  to cheer on Jackie 

but on the Other hand for some reason 

somebody was holding out a 

huge laugh .

  Skarie frowned at Zach

"Zach i can clearly see you are laughing stop pretending just let it out holding it makes you look weird"

"Bwa ha! ha! ha! ha !

Oh my god Ha! ha! ha!
Haaa what was that "  Zach released his laughter Laugghing


"What was that bro " he said intending it for Jackie

as he wiped  tear drops from his eyes , 

he looked silly on his Long 

 Sleeved  Shirt . 


 "Dude was that your Laugh

it sounded more like An Evil Villi-an"

  Skarie said "Sounded as if of you are an Evil Dracula called Vadivel "

he continued

" Very funny "
              Zach replied with sarcasm 

he never liked it when people 

made fun of his laugh.

     Josh pulled out his suit 

and tucked it around his chair 

        as he sighs !
Now the only thing left on his chest was a White shirt 

and a Black vest tank top

  and of course tie bow.

"Jackie watch me,this is how

Gentlemen's do it "

he said

Jackie ,Zach and Skarie 

were caught in a Surprise

they didn't want to ruin how 

cool this was going to be.

" Wow " Jackie said 

as he watched Josh

move swiftly as if he 

was dancing tango

he slid a bit to the 

west and a bit to 

the east as he danced

to the song .

whilst walking towards

a lady in the corner .

This time around  She 

was a young Brunnete

Twenty something or some

 sort .

And the Juke Box was playing

Lou Bega Mambo No.5 

perfect Synchronization with his


    He waved his hand in an elegantly fashio

to the lady 

     " My lady ,Would you mind if we danced  together" 

       he said .

She wanted to Resist but she couldn't 

His eyes were so Pearl and Sincere

for her.

     As she submitted they moved 

with the rhythm of the song .

  One step here and a 

one step there . 

  Moving to the left

        and Moving to the Right .

As they continued escalting in motion 

" What's your name Beautiful "
                he asked as he rotated her body on with his left hands

and pulling her onto his chest 

" Jasmine " she answered as she got caught in that perfect landing

                   She said 

Her voice was beautiful

and Soothing.

        As they finished in a 

lovely style .

" Wooh ! " 

             She said 

as she leaned in to Josh's 

ears and gave him her number.

    Josh returned back at the 

Drinking table in style .

      " See that's how it's done "
He said 

" Wow you are so cool "
          Jackie Complimented

" I Know ! i know "
              he said 

" Show Off " 
     Zach said while frowning

But Josh wiped his shirt and said

" Don't get mad at me because i am awesome "


" Allright guys how long are you going to sit there "
     Come over here  he comanded 

  as he sat on a dining table 

as he said 

" I already ordered a Big lunch you guys come on "

   The four of them  Sat there and eat.

it was a thrillingly fun day and they kept laughing 

through out .

           Most of the time they were Scolding Moury's 

Bad Table Manners .











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