The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


19. Thinking about attending the party

And the bell rang to declare class time was over

Jackie P.O.V

It was a really an annoying lesson to be honest ..ugh ! And that teacher is really man at times .. As i kept my notes on my bag and walked out of class. I brushed my hand on my hair .it was really light.

The sun was still shining really brightly As it did in the morning. Oh wait I have to join a Club .I remembered It all started two months ago in order to get selected into a better school I need to undertake extra school activities I am not really sure how it works but for some reason it is said to

be helpful Oh Serra is walking towards me . @ the Hallway Should I wave at her , should I say something she invited me after all. "Uh Hey Serra" I spoke Oh no I should have stayed quiet "Hmm Jackie" she said As she walked past me What's up with her geez I swear girls are getting more complicated Every day.

"You lying Bastard I saw you" It's Serra voice

I stared back It's Serra and Timothey ,

Timothey is trying to take something out of his locker . "Stop lying to me my friends saw you Kissing that skank of yours"

as she tried to slap him.

But he caught the slap with his left hand. "Your friends .. your friends since when did you start believing in your friends girl" Timothey defended him self

"Are you calling my friends liars" She asked

"Yes they are all skanks and liars sid you know they were throwing their selves at me" He Claimed

"You are such a liar" she continued fighting back

"No I am not your friends Sammie Oliver Nellia and Janet are not who they seem they are .they want our relationship to end baby"

He said

I was a bit mad though especially when he said about Janet

that part got me boiled me.

Any who I went to register my self to the Basket Ball Team as a Water Manager thingy.

Where I will give water to players of basket from our school. And headed to the bike store.

"Oh my bike" I said As I hugged it smoothly

"Well be care full now" She said .

that bicycle repair girl who was lecturing me with weird riddles a while ago.

"I Will" I said As I pulled my bike out of the store

but I looked back.

"Hey" I spoke

"Yes" she said

"What's your name ? And how do you know me ?" I asked

I mean I had to ask

"Rachel" She said

"And how do you know my name?" I asked again

"Well one question at a time  and aren't you getting late ? " She asked

. And yes she was right

I would get late I have to go home and prepare clothes to go to the party with.

"Okay I got to go" I said

. I will find out sooner or later how she knows my name.

But I do have some theories. She could be my old crush ?? I blushed for a while ..No No it can't be

. Men I haven't talked to Josh, Zach and Skarrie for a while now. I picked out my phone and dialed Zach Moury's phone number.

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