The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


10. The Rumors and the new Boss

  He headed to the parking lot ,there

it was his shiny sliver

 Pheonix Bicycle.


  he rubbed his hands gently as

 climbed on his bike with his

 left foot.

    before he started to pedal he

stared at the surroundings

 one more time.

   it was very refreshing and

  full of green.

     Really beautiful trees and

 he could hear the birds flying

 from branch to branch in this

 school yard .

   and that was refreshing for

 non like a 3 hour lecture from

  the classroom.

     he could have stayed longer

 at school but he didn't want to

 attend the  second

          class for his own

personal matters ,which was he

       really never

 liked his Economics teacher.

      and secondly was since

  he is paying for his own

   rent he has to get his butt

 to whatever opportunity of

work on his way .

  whilst he pulls up his grade

in class which were on there own

another story.

    -----He finally arrives to the restaurant ---

 "Hey what took you so long" His uncle asked

 "You know I got College Uncle "
                he said

"College my butt , get over here"

  his uncle insisted

    and four hours straight they had

been carrying boxes

 over and over.

 Jackie was already at his limit again

   as his clothes were full of dirt

 and the air was full of Dust !.

  Since they were parking them in

 the Big Store room.

 " Cough ! , Cough !" .

"Are you ok"
  His uncle asked


 "yeah I am fine as he continued

  coughing again"


"It sure doesn't like you are

  fine" a guy in a suit spoke .

  it's Deola Gilbena the restaurant

 current owner .

  rumors had been told that

  Eat Out Restaurant had been

  bought by a new owner after being

 under control from the former for 2


    And this was the first time Jackie

  saw the new owner .

       "Hello I am Deola Gilbena the new owner "

  the charming young blonde guy spoke as

        he offered his hand out for a hand shake.

  "Oh Hello"
  Jackie replied as he shaked his hands

"You must be Jackie"

 He said with a gracious smile.

 "Oh yes I am sir"

  Jackie replied

   Deola Only tapped on Jackie's


 to show appreciation of the greeting as

 he headed his way to discuss with

Jackie's Uncle over some business.

   Jackie didn't even know what they

  were talking about as he pulled

   back a piece of his hair that was

          moved by the wind

      towards his back.

 As he went to sleep that night

 he brain was filled with images of Jessie

 as he smiled on his Dragon ball Z

 Pillow which he had held tightly.


                The next day came in as he went to

school in full excitement .

  He had wore his cool new cool black

and white

 striped shirt  with his blue jeans .

 he saw Jessica working on opening

  her locker.

He leaned towards her closer

"Hi" he said .

"Hi" She replied

"So what happened yesterday"
 he asked.

  but she didn't answer

 "Jessie let's go" a blonde girl

      called Jessie .

As she left with her as she faded

 away to a bigger crowd of girls.

  Later he found her again at the

   School Cafeteria .

 As he said

"Hey Jessie mind if

            I sit here"

  Jackie asked

  "Oh hey Mr.Jackie I never thought

      I would meet you here"

   a voice spoke

   as Jackie raised his head from

  Jessie towards the guy who spoke

                 to him

        "Deola" He said.

             as sweat dropped on his face.


--- THE NEXT DAY ----


  " And that is what happened" 
  as Jackie grabbed a can of energy drink

  "Hmm you want to tell me all

this had happened in this week"

     Skarie asked

 "Well yeah, Now please tell me what to do guys ? "

  Jackie persisted for help

 "I can't tell you what to do ,Unless I know

what you want to do with that girl"

Josh answered .

  "Well I want her to still be my friend"

          Jackie answered

 "What's stopping you , I don't get it"
        Zach moury intervened


 "It's that Deola guy that's Jessica's

       Boyfriend"  Jackie replied

           "Woo what "  " Really" they were all caught

               by surprise .

     "So, What you are trying to say is

        Jessica is a girlfriend of your boss


                         Josh Figured out .

         "Yes that's what i am saying"
                  Jackie answered

           "Okay I get it but you just said you

               wanted to be her friend right ?"

                      Zach asked

 "Well yeah but she told me her self

   yesterday at class that Deola

    doesn't like our friendship"

       as Jackie tried to catch his breath

       as he continued

 " She also told me to stay away from her

  if i want to keep my job and my Uncle's"

                     he completed .

  "Then just leave her and enjoy

  there are so many Girls out there"
   Skarie answered wisely.

       Jackie leaned in at the table of the Bar they

 were in.

  "If only it was that easy" he thought

 to him self.




















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