The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


15. The bike fixer

Jackie grabbed his bike and walked to the store near by
He waited for the que and took his chance,
he walked towards the shopkeeper.
And asked
"Uhm I am looking for a bike store is there any near by here" he asked
Not that he wasn't familiar
He was just a bit forgetful.
"It's right around the corner just 4 blocks away"
The shopkeeper guy explained.
"Oh thanks"
As Jackie replied to him.
As he grabbed a bubble gum on the mini
"Can I have one of this"
And yes the shopkeeper was right it was
Really a couples of blocks away.
But however was really sweaty
his arms were firmly holding his bicycle
While he kept taking his steps.
He opened up the door of the store ..the first impression he had had were of the amazing different types of bicycles the store had on it's stock.
He headed to the store host counter
It was a one of those Mohawk guys he used to see on the streets.
"Uhm !  I would like to fix the wheel of my bike"
He explained.
"Hold on a second" Mohawk guy explained
As he pulled a telephone.
"There is a customer here for you"
he spoke.
A door opened up ..and a pink haired
Girl walked out .
Her hair was short
Her nose was pierced
Her eyes were a bit shady
Her clothes were mix of dark and
Something purple.
There was
something interesting about her.
"What's seems to be the problem"
She had asked
Jackie was about to sttuter
but had stopped him self
as he spoke
"It's my tyres they have
Bursted out"

  "Okay bring it here"

           she said.

"are you the fixer"

     Jackie asked

 "Yes I am"

       I am she answered

 "What you have never seen a young repairman have you ?"

she asked.

"No not that at all"




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