The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


6. Something funny

He laughed a bit in response

to her statement

  "Jackie ,Focus on the board "

  The Teacher said .

"Damn , I cant't believe she was watching me "

  he murmured as he lowered his head  and

continued writing.

  swirling the ink from right to left

he didn't even know what he was writing as

his head was Some where else.

   He was to busy pre occupied with memories

of the dinner he had with his buddies

 "Pffftt ! he almost laughed

but he held it in .

  it was something about the Conversation

they had.

 Something about Zach Moury bragging

about how he got game.

 but he had been helped with his sister.

   it was to funny.

but then the memory faded away as he shook his

head with a smile .

  he leaned his face on to his shoulder

to take a peak on Jessica again.

  Black hair


Beautiful smile

 She has that natural beauty that didn't even

need make up .

  He thought .

" Could this girl be the one "
     He thought .

Luckily the bell Rang  !.

 All the students took off with their bags and rushed

to leave the class room and him to .

but Janet stayed .

 she went to talk to the teacher about something.

He waited for her outside the classroom.

But he swore he could hear the conversation

a bit.

 As the teacher had said

 " Oh well ok now keep doing my home work

you will be fine "

 "Thank you so much"

 She said as she packed her documents

 and left outside.

     " Oh you are still here "
 She said as she saw Jackie besides

the door waiting .

   "Yeh since we live practicaly closer to each other

       I figured I should probably escort you "

      Jackie said .

      a Smile peaked in the corner of her face

   " Okay "
   As they headed together home .



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