The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


3. Rusty Appartment

                                                As time flew by Jackie gazed at his yellow watch  

And he knew it was time to go home .. "I Am going to call this a day " he said as he stood up

Zach moury stood up and gave Jackie a bro hug "Ok bro ! take care " 

they all did the same.

  This was all weird to Jake

At first he was pissed off , but then later he got Irritated  

but now he is all Confused.

These guys were weird but friendly at the same time.

Now that he thinks of it , he doesn't really have much friends.

  Well a few cousins here and there and her Mum whom some times sounds as if she is 

nagging a little to much  but he loved her any ways.

 He got out of the Josh's Flat and into the big Corridor in that  his flat was just around the corner

i   t was dead silent in the Corridor though .. he thought

           But then he remembered he had left his keys Underneath the Carpet In front of his door 

      and so he did find them and unlocked the door into his rusty small Apartment.

   he jumped into his smooth bed and slept straight away 

with his boots .

       So the next day a Rose

" Hngh !!  "  he said as he stretched his hands

and yawned .

 he felt a sleep again it was a deep comforting soothing  sleep but that was until

his phone rang .

 " Arghhhh " as he grabbed his phone

and answered the call 

"Oi ! Jackie get your butt over here " An Adult like voice answered 

He realized it was the voice of his uncle Jeremy whom he works with on

 the Restaurant Down town .

" Oh shit " he said 

as he knew he was about to be late 

he grabbed his black Leather Jacket that was on his Chair

and rushed outside into the parking lot where his

Bicycle was he climbed on it .

Started peddling into High streets to Down town

it took him about 40 minutes to get his butt from his rusty old 

Apartment to the Restaurant he works at .

_ As He Arrived __

"Boy your late " His Uncle Jeremy spoke 

as he saw him peddling through out the corner .

   But he managed to reach just on time .

Basically all they do all day is to carry boxes to the

store room of the Restaurant .

   but it was easier said than done 

The first box he took it as a man and carried it to store room

so were the second up to 37th time ..At 38th he kinda got tired

and started flopping and took longer breaks .

giving excuses .

  "You know what uncle let me do a warm up " 
he said 

"Boy get your Butt going we have 50 more boxes to go "
     Said Uncle Jeremy

"You know What Uncle you have never spoken a word without saying Butt "
"Really Do i? And how is that going to help you ,Boy ! get your Butt  right to work "

he sighed as he continued to carry the boxes .

 "Hey Bro you work here " 
a familiar voice spoke 

 Jackie was Startled as he saw

 Skarie and Zach .

" As you can see i am busy right now " he said

" No it's ok we will wait for you what time will you be done"
" Around 4:00 PM " 

  he said

 "That late huh ! Ok  see you around then"

   Skarie Initiated a meeting.

 Jackie carried on with the boxes 

Carrying one by one taking a steep

breath .

  Chanting heavier breaths the more 

he carried .

  But that didn't stop him from working.

To him it wasn't about the money it was

about the sense of Accomplishment.

  But then he started to get tired .

 Breathing really hard this time 

"Uncle i am really tired "

 can i have a break .

 Uncle Jeffry looked at his watch 

" Boy " he said .

Jackie Cringed from the thought of 

going to be Yelled at .

"Boy get your self some rest ,That's enough for today "

    He said.

" You didn't say Butt this time around " 

   Jackie Murmured 

"Boy what did you say "
He yelled 

"No .Nothing Uncle he said "

   As he took his clothes and went to the Changing room .


~~ AT THE RESTAURANT ~~  He went

As he ordered for Water .. 

" Tough Job huh ! " 

               A soothing Familiar Manly voice spoke 

"Skarie What are you doing here "
              Jackie said in a surprisingly way

Skarie was wearing a Dark blue T.Shirt with a picture of a Bear 

Drawn in the middle . 

      he had a Tattoo on his left arm.

                        Blonde Haired guy and slim perfectly fit .

"If i was Chasing after a girl with him 

             I would never stand a Chance"

                                He thought

" That's not true" 
                       Zach Intervened said

" Wait What !?  You read my mind "
                      Jackie asked

" No i didn't ,Dude you whisper when you think "
                           He answered

" Damn " 

               Jackie wanted to leave.

"But that's a good thing , Because we actually came here to help you "
         Zach Explained

"Help me ?? "
" Yes ,We want to help you get a Chick "
" I don't need Help "

" Oh really " 
   Josh Interrupted he came out of no where 

           wearing a Suit

           .. They all were at Ordering Table.

" Yes Really " 
            Jackie said

" Well if that's True ,Go and ask that girl out " 
                Josh Pointed His finger to the lady

that was sitting by her self at one of Diner Tables .

She was as Beauty as Ore

  Young and pure 

Her skin was as light as a Plume

She made Jackie Overwhelmed with


  As he was Biting his lips .























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