The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


12. Rescued from Memory lane

Skarie orders a round of drink for the group

 as he pulled his wallet out of his pocket.

 and started counting his dollars .

 "That would be 13 dollars sir "
 the waiter informed.

  He flipped out his 20 dollar note

and gave it  out to the waiter.

       Just right be sides him was Zach Moury

  whom was busy making out with his girl

 friend Maria.

     "Oh baby I love how your spunky feet smell"

                                    Zach complimented his

                                 girl friend.

"Oh come on cut it out you two"

            Skarie insisted.

"Well I am afraid that you might have to

prolong how you feel"

    Josh suggested

" Oh no ,not you to"

 Skarie asked..


"Well yeah I just texted her right now"

   Josh answered.

   His girlfriend

    they all knew Suzan very well

     she had brunette

     hair , Dots of beauty marks on her cheek

    pale Skinned just like how Josh would want

     his dream girl to be. Skarie had nothing

  on him except respect.

 he respected all his friends and their friendship

 had always been loyal throughout College.

        And they have always supported one another

  since ever.

     and today was their weekend a time for them

  to progress on their Bets.

  but not right now , As Suzy had just walked in the bar

 as she rushed over to Josh and had received

a warm loving hug.

    She was quite a lucky girl and so was Josh

 a lucky guy.

       As Skarie looked at them his eyes only

  saddened , As it had only

reminded him of the only woman

he had ever loved.

  it just didn't go well especially

after he had gotten a mail of being hired

into an accountancy office.

  it was just hard to pay all the debts

and rent.

      and Doreen had wanted his attention

  to. Stress piled up and they

had just broken up , Just like that.

 "Cheers" Zach said

  As he raised

 his glass rescuing Skarie whom was down

at memory lane.

   Skarie raised his glass to

          as he said "Cheers".








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