The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


21. Party on a big Mansion


It's already 
Two day's since the barbecue and bonfire.. in the past two days 
I had been working with my uncle. 
What a drag. 
Working with that guy is like a pain in the nut 
no wonder he is not Married 
Who will be stuck up with him. 
He had been married four times !! 
Four times !! And all of his 
wives ended up filing for a divorce. 
Enough about him as I tried to shake off on thinking about my uncle's misery. 
I pulled my arm up and looked at my watch on wrist. 
It's 9:30 AM 
I have to attend aparty at 5:00 pm. 
Wheew ! 
I said as I jumped on my bed.. 
I had comforted my head with borh my hands. 
As I took a short nap woke up later to start working on 
My school assignments one after another I finished. 
Before i knew it was time 
I took my new bike and pedalled to the Serra's house 
.. " Oh wow" I said as i saw 
a Huge Mansion right in front of me. 
Infront of me stood a realy huge tall gate ! 
I pressed the button thingy. As I spoke 
"Uhm hello" 
I said 
No reply 
I spoke again

"Oh hi what's up bro who am I speaking to" 
It was Serra's brother Andres 
"Uhmm Jackie" 
I said 
"Hmmm let me check you in the invited list" I could hear from hear pieces of paper being flipped. 
Was I really invited 
"Ohhh Jackie I know you" 
Finally Andres 
"Come on in bro" 
he pressed the button the giant gate unfolded like a book. 
I said with amazement 
the mansion was huge big pool 
alot of college mates and Teens Teen girls teen boys 
A few suited up guys a few classy women. 
big boobs small boobs. 
Great boobs fine toned bodies sassy blonde brunette 
everything seems there. 
Big loud music Noise 
and every body seemed to be holding a cup of Beer on their hands. 
a the was a swiming pool to. 
but I walked straight in to the door. 
then I heard 
"Hey Whoo ! Jackie over here" 
it was Janet. 
I walked straight towards her 
she looked gorgeous. 

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