The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


18. Party invitation at Serra's House

Jackie raised his hands towards the bicycle that stood straight around the corner of store ..
"Okay I am going to take this "
As he mounted on to it's seat.
He said
"Okay take care of my bike now"
She said ..the anonymous girl
"Wow ! I can't believe how late I am "
As he took out his note books out his bag on to his desk.
With out even noticing that Janet was right on the left row right closer to him.
"Oh this lecturer is going to be boring"
He said silently.
"What makes you say that ? "
A light voice had spoken
"Well I can't hear you since I am invisible"
Jackie replied
"I am sorry Jackie I ..I just couldn't you know"
She said
"No no I understand Jessica you don't need to explain i understand it clearly"
He said
"Jackie we are having a party
Later would you like to join us"
She asked
"I might try let's see"
He answered
"Well okay the party is at Maynard Avenue
34 D" .as she took a breath
"You know Serra's house"
She said

"U hm Jessie you know I don't get along with Serra"
He said
"But she doesn't seem to hate you or anything"
She said
"That's because you don't know Serra"
.. "U hm uh m "
The teacher interrupted their silent whispers
"Okay I will try to be there"
Jackie said

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