The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


20. Of limits Of Embarrasment

"Rachel" I swear I don't remember her name ..

I am actually surprised how does she even know me.

I have been in this town for a while
Could it be


she  her ?

"Jackie heyyy" it was Zachy Moury on phone.

Finally had answered
"Oh hey Zach what's up ?" I asked
"Nothing much just chilling with Marie here" he said
"Men you guys are sticking to each other like Glue"
I said only to hear is funny reaction.
"Ha ! Ha ! Very funny"
..he said
"Well ! uhm I got a problem"
I confessed as.
"Dude ! Are you cycling ?"
He asked
"Well uhm yeah"
I answered
"Well just come all over at my house
we are having a Barbecue"
He said . It had been quite a while since I had
me some meat .I wish could have said thanks but
I just had to .
I had to turn around across the next corner.
Zach didn't stay that far.
But I made it in time.
Oh boy the Moury's sure have a big yard
No wonder Zach is a bit spoiled.
It was a family barbecue
"Hey Jackie word up"
Zach said as he hugged me
and gave me five.

"Oh so this the kid you been hanging out with"

An old guy poked me
"Grand pa what did I tell you about poking people"
Zach yelled at his grand pa
"It is my hand and I will poke whoever I want kid"
His grand pa argued
"Oh grand pa your embarrassing me"
Zach said as he held one palm of his hand on
his head .
"Oh there you are" A lady like voice spoke
A lady walked out side the Moury's house.

"My mum please take of your Dad , I am trying
to hang with my friend"
Zach complained
"That is certainly not an attitude a son of mine will talk"
Zach's mother replied
"Come here papa let's have some Barbecue"
She said as she drove him away.
"Oh ho ! ho ! so this is your boy Jackie"
Some other people came up to me
I didn't know of , but they do resemble Zach Moury's face
a bit .
Their nose had a same tip and most of them were blondes
and had grey eyes.
"Derrick ,Denilson, Brain and Othan this is Jackie"
He introduced me to them
"Nice to meet you guys"
I said
" Yo! Word up how are the honeys" Derri k asked me
Basing on their Uptwon vibe I feel from them .
They probably came from Northenian City.

"Ha ! ha! actually I came here to ask for an advise from Zach on a party I am going to Tommorow" I said
"Oh so that was all about,I thought you were calling me about your freind Jessica I don't know Janet ?" He asked
"No her name is Janet but she also calls her self Jessica"
I explain
"Hey come over here we are having a Bonfire"
Zach said
"Hey uhm so where is your Girlfriend"
I asked
"She is right over there" he said
As he pointed his fingers towards her
.she must had heard our conversation
She was sitting on the bonfire soothing her body with heat
As she turned and waved at me

"Oh hey Jackie remember me ?"
She asked ,

I could see she was wearing a pink top shirt
together with short jeans.
"Oh yeah I do ,You arranged my D.V.D collections a while ago"
I answered
"Oh yeah it's not my fault it's Zach and the guys Bet thingy"
She answered
"Bet what Bet"
I asked
"Uh ! Cut it out Marie "
Zach dismissed her
Zach pointed his hands on the carpet that had surrounded the bon fire
"Sit here Jackie"
He insisted as I sat
"Parties are easy all you have to do is just have fun"
He said
"That's it"
I asked considering I am clueless
"Yeah that's it " he answered

"Well and be careful of the limits of alcohol you can take or else you will Embarrass your self"
Denilson continued the advised
"Well this one time Zach peed on the table after drinking 12 cups of beer"
Othan continued to as he laughed while explaining
"Othan shut up"
Zach dismissed him
And we all laughed through out.

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