The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


1. Josh's Flat


Four boys were betting endlessly over a football match

Zach Moury the Loudest one

 Steven Skarie the Snack eater

 Josh Andres the one holding the remote the boss of the room

And there was Jackie

Whom was busy investigating through the Fridge doesn't seem to put his attention on Liverpool vs Man Utd on Tv . 
Yes this was the Boys Night out every Saturdays whenever they got a chance They would Watch the Premium league game Together. 

Zach Moury Shouted " Oh Come on Ref how is that even a foul " 
As he yelled the ice cream he was holding on the bowl leaked down and splirt on his black sweater .but he still Scooped them up with his spoon any ways . 
"Dude that's disgusting " Josh andres scolded him 
"What " he shrugged 
"Well if you are going to complain about him how about Jackie over there "

   Skarie noted as he pointed his fingers to Jake . 

Whom was by the way choking down the Whole 
Liter of Semi skimmed Milk through out his Throat .

  Some of the milk fluids were pouring on his mouth. 

Josh was Freaked out  

As he yelled " Dude What the hell " he gasped as he tried to take a breath .. 
" What the hell are you A two year old , Clean that mess straight away " 
 He finished his statement 
"Sorry dude I am sorry "Jake replied as he scratched his butt . 
"Seriously " Josh said as he exhaled 
" I wonder how he sticks with his girlfriend " 
Skarie said 

"Oh he doesn't have a girlfriend that's Jake you are talking about " Josh replied 
"What he is 20 how does he mean he " 
Skarie asked out of surprise
"Yeah !  Yeah ! the Dude ain't quite got Game "
Zach moury intervened . 
"Like you to say are only with Marie because your sisters hooked you up " 
Skarie countered 
" Shut up " 
Zach interrupted

Jake jumped over the couch besides the three .. 
The all blocked their nose ..for some reason Jake's armpits were sweating hidieously 

"Arghhhhh come on Jake when was the last time you took a bath "

Jake's hair was scattered all around his face was really even hard to see his pearl blue eyes .. 
He was a real mess , he was very discomforting or annoying at some point ..the only reason he was with the three was because he forgot the keys to his flat and Josh was his neighbour . 
So he had begged to join them watch the match . 
And there the story began. 
" You know what I am tired of this game , let's have a new bett " 
Zach moury said 
" What's on your mind " Josh replied 
Zach took a hard stare at Jake who was just chilling on the couch .. 
" Between the three of us ..the first one to Re invent Jake to have a Girl wins 5000 dollars " 
Zach's big mouth insisted 
" 5000 dollars on changing jake it's impossible but I am in " Josh answered 
" I am in " Skarie answered 
Jake was busy picking on his ear .. 
He had no idea what was coming 
for him .

And that's how it all started on 
Josh's flat .

Jake was chilling on the couch .. he had rough light blue jeans 
A white shirt with black stripes .he looked like a zebra of some sort 
Well those were the analysis of the three men standing infront of him . 
Before he knew it they were staring realy hard on him . 
Zach came up with another conclusion " you know what " 
Josh nodded so did Skarie they knew exactly what Zach was up to . 
Skarie went to the left side of the couch .Josh covered 
the right side ..Zach grabed Jake's hand from behind the coach 
" Whoa whoa what are you doing " Jake yelled 
" What do you think we are doing ..fancy much " 
Zach answered . 
" You realise what you said just now is weird right " Josh 
"Rightt " Zach 
" Hello will you let go of my hand now " Jake continued complaining 
" We are not letting you go until we get you clean " 
Zach answered . 
They carried him inside the bathroom and locked him in 
And they blocked the door to make sure he doesn't escape .


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