The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


13. Jackie's flat no longer rusty

it's 11:00 Am and Jackie was still sleeping
as he shifted his waist from his left side of
the bed towards his right side.
A loud noise rang !
He lifted his elbow then he pulled his half
Upper body.
In disbelieve of the time he scratched his
head in dismay.
As he jumped out of his bed.
And started thinking again
"Was I dreaming or did I really see Josh, Skarie, Zach and his girlfriend clean my
He nodded in Disbelieve
as he said
"I don't think it really happened"
As he jumped out of his bed.
And toured his eyes on his room
The One Tree hill DVD's he had were all arranged.
And then he also noticed his cups
On the small table he had
were all cleaned.
Not only that
He noticed something else
As he walked towards the
Corner of his Bed room..
Jackie's old guitar was there
It was all cleaned up.
He rubbed his hand towards
It's wooden skin.
It felt much more p
"Demn those guys couldn't
get even more creepier"
He said
As a smile lit up
On his face.
He then opened up
his wardrobe
And took out his
gray jacket
as he unlocked
the door towards
the freedom Outside.


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