The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


9. It was Nothing

  Jessica pulled a chair for Jackie

 as she pointed her finger

towards the chair

 "Sit here "

Jackie could see  Sera's glare by

the side of his eyes

and hear Sera's friend's talking .

Before sitting down Jackie

whispered at Jessica

"Uhmm ,I realy don't

feel like sitting here "

 he said

" What !! come on Jackie are you

really going to run away from her

 forever "       she said

   " Well yeah , Actually "

                           he answered

" You are sarcastic that's good use that "

               she said

Jackie sighed as he sat on the table

 he leaned his face down the moment he sat

"Oh My God what is Jackie doing here "

    Sera's friend Deina spoke

"Oh we couldn't find a table to eat on so we came here "
        Jessie defended

 " Well I don't know who you are

miss new girl but at Lewis High

Jackie is not allowed to sit on Sera's table "

she said

    "Why not ?,Doesn't he have rights

just like any body else this

table is a school facility after all "

    Jessie answered


" Uhmm no bitch this is Sera's table and

it's her facility since her mum is the principal

 of the school "

             Deina answered

Jessie whispered at Jackie who was

pretending not to notice an argument

which was about to happen


 " Errr Errr why aren't you saying

            something " she said

Jackie slamed his hands on the table


" Sera I am sorry for letting my food fall

on your lap the other day , it was my clumsy

  mistake "  He spoke


Sera  smiled a bit

 " Oh seems like you got guts to answer me now huh !

remember I was asking you for an apology but you didn't

 reply  Huh huh ! "

           She said


" I am sorry about that to "

                He answered

" Well Whatever "

      She replied arrogantly

 as she continued eating her


 "Well that was a nice try "
             Jessie whispered

 " Thanks for the support " 
  he said with a light smile

   she replied with a smile

 " Hey Guys Jackie has a Girl friend "

 Some guy who was walking by noticed

 and every body in the dining room

started clapping .

" Oh my " She said


" Yeh  I Know "

 Jackie grabbed his

  back pack

and carried his dish

" Let's go "

  he said  

as he held Jessica's hand

before returning the dish .


 As they left the dining room

 "What was that all about "

  She said as she laughed

" Nothing "

          as he tried to breath

  Jackie hugged Jessica

  "I got to go see you later "

   he said

" Wait where are you going "

       she said

" I am going to my job "

   he said

" What job ? "

   She asked

 " Uhmm we never got a chance to

  talk about it , how about tomorrow "

  he answered

 "You better "

         She replied

  As Jackie run away

    to the Restaurant to work on

         his daily job .











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