The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


17. I Understand

Well okay seems like you know your way with words"
Jackie replied
She stood up ..and brushed dust of her pants
And had rubbed her hands to.
"Well this will cost you Twelve dollars"
She said
"Twelve dollars !?"
He said
"Yeah Twelve dollars , well unless if you want
to fall of your butt while pedaling it that's fine with me"
She spoke .
"Ha ! Ha ! Very funny"
He said as he pulled out his wallet out of his pocket
and took out the required note.
"Here" he said
he inserted his hands on his pocket leaving her
to hold the bike in
"How long is it going to take"
He said

"It should take a few hours or so"
..Jackie stared at his watch

"Oh crap I got class in an hour"
He said
"Well you could take a Buss"
She insisted
"Oh great now I have to take a bus"
"What's wrong with taking a buss"
She asked
"I suffer from motion sickness"
He explained
"Oh!" She said
"Well you could take my bike if you want"
She suggested.
"No you don't have to"
He said
"Jackie don't be a bitch about it and take it"
She said
In surprise "Wait how did you even know my name" he said
She stood up and rubbed
Her pants which was dirtied by the floor.
As she spoke
"Well then that's for you to find and for me to fix this bike" .


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