The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


8. I don't really get along with her .

   "Next Please " The Cook shouted at queu of

 students waiting to be served food.

   As next in line was Jackie whom was

holding a metal shiny

  school plate.

       The creepy Cook whom had a

   scratched front

  tooth stared at Jackie as she said

             " What do you Want !! "
  She asked.

  Jackie couldn't help but only to be wierded out

  by the cook , only to move on to the next

       one who was a bit Cleaner.

 "Uhm ! can I have some chips with

  soda"   He asked

  " Right on the way sir "

     the young cook said .

 He could have sworn she heard

 Jessica order Briyani Rice with


    As he took his tray and moved to

 the dinning tables, it was filled with a lot of

 Colleagues .

              Students shifting here to there

   it was like a comic Convection .

 Jackie was startled at first as he was

  trying to find a clear empty table to sit on ..

  Only to realize he was not paying

   attention to Jessie  whom was

 calling him .

              " Jackie ! Jackie  "

 she waved.


  he replied

" You don't have a clue where you

 are going to sit do you "

           She asked

 " No really I don't "

           he said

Jessie grabbed Jackie's hand

 now Jackie is holding the plate

 with one hand.

                " Uhm where are you taking me ? "

            he asked .

     " We are going to sit over there " she suggested

        Jackie stared at the location she suggested.

   " Ohh no I can't sit over there"

                      He said

   " Why not "

           she asked

 " That's where Sera and her friends stay "

                 he answered

 " Well At least you know her that's good "

 she suggested

 " No I don't really think we are One match

 in  a box, what I am trying to say is we never

 really get along with each other"

                      but before he even finished

 they were already there.

   at the Sera's table.






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