The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


5. Her name is Janet


" Urghh " He said yet again

As he stretched out his hands to prepare him self for College.

He jumped out of bed. And yawned and said

"Ah Yesterday was such a great day "

as he scratched his hair

"Now it's back to my old boring days"

He murmured As he jumped out of his bed Ninja

style Today he had English Class at 10:00 AM

and Art Class at 13:00 AM .

He was a Media student in his first year of College.

His dreams are to be a Screen writer and an Actor

..He believes he can make it but no one really thinks

he can . they keep telling him how this Media

business is hard but he never took what they said into his account .

He sighed as he took his back pack ..he went to

looked at him self on the mirror . his hair was rough and

a bit spiky and curvy strands of hair kind of covered

his eyes a bit. his face wore a big smile.

he looked like a kid whom had just found a Zebra on a local park.

 This day he wore another black and white striped shirt 

but this one had longer sleeves .

Before he left  the door . he remembered he had forgotten to do work on his assignment.

"Oh snap ,Miss Derlar is going to Nag me "

Any ways he walked down to parking the lot again rushing

without even thinking only Bump ! into some one .

And her purse fell on the ground. it was a minor accident .

But he apologized several times . " It's Okay it's okay " she said

Jackie picked up her Purse and smacked off the Dust !

" Here you go " he said

"Again i am truly sorry miss .." he apologized

yet again "No need to be so formal you can call me Jessica"

she said

Jackie took a long stare at her

Her hair was black she was 5'6 feet tall he estimated .

Her eyes were blue like his. " Hey are you there "

She said as she waved her hands In a surprise

"Yeaah ! I am here " He said

"Well it seems like you zoned out were in a bit of a hurry i hope you are

not late or anything "

She said .

He wanted to tell her he was late

but he couldn't so he said " No i was just jogging a little bit "

he said , For some reason she smiled a bit " What's your name"

She asked "

My Name is Jackie"  he answered

"Well Jackie nice try ..

you are going to be late for College right " She said

"Wait ! How did you know " he asked

" Let's just say i have super powers " She answered

He laughed a bit

" Powers Ha! Ha! haa ! Ok i hope i see you around Jessica i got to go "

"Ha ha Okay  be careful now " She said. 

 " Yeah you to " he said

    As he rushed to the bus stop. 


    he stared at the huge tall marbled building with a huge parking lot

a lot of college student were travelling on their BMW

he walked inside passed the gate and unto the hall way .

  He looked at the students rushing here and there 

holding paper works . doing different things

Some were late as he was, it never

mattered to him any way 

he was only focusing on himself.


as he opened the door to his class room .

"You are absolutely late Mr Ealson "

   Her writing lecturer miss Derlar said.

"I am sorry again  " 

   he said 

as he went on right a head to onto his 

front desk.

    " Ha ha" a familiar girl's voice laughed

" That voice it sounds so familiar"

      he murmured only to turn around and

be surprised that ..Jessica was in his classroom

 " Hi " she said 

" Hi Wow you are on the same classroom as i am ...Wonder woman" 

           he asked

"I am ,yes "

  she answered

" Wait ,you knew me before you saw me this morning "

   he asked

"Yes, i know you are Mr.Ealson "

      she answered

"how comes i haven't seen you before "

  Jackie asked

"Well , may be because i started a few weeks ago "

 she said


"Okay Okay let's continue with the lecture ..Oh how nice of you

 Jackie to help out the Transfer student , Keep it up  " 

 Miss Derlar suggested.

  Jackie and Janet smiled at each other.

And then she said

   " Well you better help me out Mr " 







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