The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


11. He tells me Everything.

it's Saturday and it was a time to relax

after all the work loads.

   and Jackie was still sleeping on his

 bed .

          One sock on his leg , whilst his

other leg's sock was about to come out.

   it looked like a messy full way of sleeping

  "Eghh " Skarie said as he picked one

 of Jackie's sock and threw it on

 the Recycle bin.

   "My My My " Josh said as he

 carried all of Jackie's clothes

 and had entered them into

 the washing machine.

 "Oh dear look at all this papers"

       a girl spoke

"No look at all this video game


         Zach moury spoke

as he fiddled around on Jackie's

 Xbox 360 DVD collection.


 "Uhhmm what are you

    guys doing here"

      Jackie asked

while he scratched

 his eyes

"What does it look like

we are doing"

 Josh answered as he

 shrugged his shoulder


"I think you are invading my


   he answered Josh

"Ha ! Ha ! My friend this is not

 a privacy , this is more of like

 a War zone"

         Zach answered

as they all exploded in laughter

 " Bwa! Ha! Ha! Ha! "

Zach laughed on his own

  sarcastic comment

with a bursting laughter


" He! He! He! He! "

Skarie laughed

in a core base pitched tone

which raised and fell.

 "Ha! Ha! Ha! Haa!"Josh to

was laughing while he pointed his

 fingers towards Jackie.


And there was Jackie silently

 he a waited for the laughter

    to Conclude  .

 and said

"Are you done"

       he asked.

"Dude come on Lighten up"

 said Zach

 Jackie pulled him self out of his

 bed ..

" Okay guys I appreciate

 what you guys are doing but I can

 do this on my own"

              he said

"No, I don't think you can"
      Josh answered

 " Yes I can , step out of my room"
  he demanded.

" Okay Okay geez we are just trying to help"

  Zach answered

"But not by invading my privacy"

  He answered

" Okay Big boy"
  Skarie answered as he left

 with the boys and the girl be sides

 them Maria.


 On there way of leaving

 At the Hallway they were discussing

 "What's up with Jackie"
          Zach  asked

  "I think he was right ,we did go a little

           bit to far" Skarie said

          as he scratched his chin.

  "To far look at him we can't help

    this guy unless

    we go to far"

   Josh answered

  "I think he is troubled by that girl


               Maria suggested

   "Woo ! Woo ! how do you know about this"

           Josh asked

   "Well my baby tells me everything"

          she said as she lightly pulled

        Zach and kissed him

   "Okay Okay you love birds"

           Josh replied .

 As the five  were on there way to the

 Bar near by.









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