The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


14. Flat tyre

Jackie walked out of his rusty apartment
Into the Notorious streets of Southern Valley
there was a long steep road that flew all the way to the streams of river at Cotherm
 .. Jackie comforted  his hand on his Jacket
As he took short depth of breath taking a step  toe to toe.
 Now that he thinks of it he had always
liked boots.
 His brown leathery boots.

As he walked on them towards the parking lot..there it was at last his pheonix bike which lied on the posting box.
 Jackie knelt on one of his knee as he stretched one of his hand towards his
Left pair of his boots.
 And pulled out a Rusty iron rusted Key.
He inserted the key towards .
the locker that was chained
 with his bicycle.
 At last as he set his pheonix free
He started pedaling it straight away.
 As he stared into his street town
 Mrs. Silvester the lady with the coffee store
was open today as usual.
 Jackie raised his eyebrow as he continued pedaling through the streets.
 bursting noise sounded

as he had had to stare what's going on below.
 His Pheonix tyre had worn out as Air was
Rushing out of it's wheel.
 "Oh not again!?" Jackie Groaned
As he stood there holding out his bike.



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