The Kind Jackie

The love story of Jackie Ealson .


16. A repair man's quote

"Bring it over here" she demanded
Jackie grabbed his bike and gave it to her
."Can you hold it while I check the tyres"
She insisted yet again
"Of course" Jackie replied as he held his bike.
She sat down on the floor and crossed her legs

as if she was meditating ... sat there and stared the bike for a while
Then she spoke
"How often do you use this bicycle"
She asked
"Does that really matter right now .can you just fix it"
Jackie said.
"No it matters because I think your chain
will run out soon"
She answered
"How I mean it was working just fine"
"Well that's why I said it will"
"How is it going to ..are you trying to bribe me into buying a new chain"

"Apparently a bike's chain should last about 800 to 900 miles "

 she takes a breath and continues
"Yours has run about 860 miles"

"Oh !" 
 He said...
 "Wait you can tell by just looking how?" He continued

 "Well a repair man will never tell you how he does his job now can he ?"
She answered

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