I looked at him like I've never looked at him before. The way he smiled, the way he moved, everything about him made me so happy. I stopped for a minute and looked around me, I felt like home. The smile on people's faces, everyone in the arena was so excited and happy. Dreams came true that night, but when he touched that girl, it made me a little bit jealous but I couldn't stop smile. ,Maybe, one day, that'd be me.


2. Miracle


- 2 years later -

- Can't believe it's been two years since we saw Justin live!  Ellen shouted to me in the hallway. 
- Neither do I! Way too long!  I screamed back.  She gave me a hug and we started talking about Believe Tour. We hadn't received any tickets, but we kept our hope alive and waited for a miracle.

- 1 week are left until the show Brooke... If u want I can...  I interrupted her and the second after it I realized I sounded really annoyed.
- No Ellen stop it, I know your sister got tickets, and I know, if u ask her, she will give them to me. I can't let her do that. 
- But this is your shot! You have to go on that concert! We have to!
She looked at me with the same face as she had on the concert two years ago. 
- I know I know... I'm sorry, I have to go now, see you after school? I said before I took my books and ran to the classroom. When I came to the classroom I heard Ellen shout something after me, but I couldn't understand what she was saying. 


During the boring history lesson I took the opportunity to check twitter. I started to scroll through my timeline when I suddenly found a hashtag with my name in. My first thought was that maybe it was just someone by the same name it was all about. But I checked my mentions and saw a lot of acoounts who had tagged me in hundreds of tweets. 

Have people really tweeted all this for me?

I saw tweet after tweet, people told me they had watch my YouTube Videos, How amazing I was and How much I really deserves to met Justin. Where did all this come from? 
I closed Twitter down and sent a message to Ellen. ''CHECK TWITTER! NOW!!''

2 minutes later she replied but when I was about to unlock my iPhone I felt an cold hand above mine.

-Look what we have here! NO CELLPHONES IN THE CLASSROOM. She screamed infront of the whole class.

Ugh, Ms Davis took my phone... Seriously? Now? When I really really need it?

- Im really sorry Ms Davis, uhm.. My dad is going to call me after this lesson, I need to have my phone back now. At the end of the sentence I felt how lame it sounded.
I heard how the bell started ringing and everyone left the classroom. Ms Davis just looked at me and shook her head. 
She pushed me out of the classroom which means I couldn't get my phone until the end of the week. I took my bag and started to looking out for Ellen. I finally saw her when I closed my locker. 
- HAVE U CHECKED TWITTER? I screamed before she turned around.
-  Yes! Here, Log into your account and check who...


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