I'm Stuck Because Of You

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  • Published: 3 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Jan 2017
  • Status: Complete
18 year old Katy Smith was in love with a guy at her high school but was always afraid to tell him, a few years later and she realizes that the guy she loved/loves is in a famous British/Irish boyband...


52. What the hell?

Katy's P.O.V:

"Who's this? Zayn, where have you hidden Katy?" Louis asks, panicking. I just laugh and look at Zayn.

"Louis William Tomlinson, are you being serious? Have you really forgotten your own girlfriend? Has it been that long? I am so ashamed!" I smirk. I walk slightly forward so Louis' face is centimeters away from mine. I hear Louis gulp, feeling scared. Oh crap, I'm scaring my own boyfriend.

"Never forget me, baby." I wink, tap his nose and walk back to the couch. I guess my attitude has changed too.

"Where has MY Katy gone?"

"Your Katy? Babe, she never left. Just simply changed. Maybe for the best. I don't know." I'm slightly worried that Louis doesn't remember me but I'm also worried he has. What if he doesn't love me anymore? What would I do then?

"Babe, I missed you so much!" Louis says, running up to me and engulfing me in a massive hug. Maybe he hasn't changed. Zayn just looked really confused and so did I. Before anyone could speak, my phone started ringing. I knew it was mine because of my ringtone. Tally It Up: Settle The Score by Sleeping With Sirens. My ringtone for only one person. Kellin Quinn.

"Sup Kel"

"Hey Katy! So you up for supporting us on the Europe leg of the World Tour?"

"Wouldn't miss it. Gotta get the lads together like."

"Sick. Call me later, yeah?"

"Will do. See ya Kel"

"See ya!" And I hung up. Louis stood up and gave me a confused look. He doesn't know. Well, while he was away on tour I joined a band. Since I was really good friends with Kellin before, when he found out I was in a band he never stopped supporting us. He tweeted about us non stop and now we're supporting him and Pierce The Veil for the World Tour.

"Shit, guys. We have to get ready. Mikey's throwing a party for getting home." Zayn says to break the silence. Thankyou Zayn!

"Oh yeah, we do. C'mon then Lou!"

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