I'm Stuck Because Of You

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  • Published: 3 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Jan 2017
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18 year old Katy Smith was in love with a guy at her high school but was always afraid to tell him, a few years later and she realizes that the guy she loved/loves is in a famous British/Irish boyband...


17. What just happened?

Harry's P.O.V:

She said yes! The girl of my dreams said yes! I'm getting married to the girl I love and she didn't refuse! I can't believe it!

Katy's P.O.V:

What just happened? We walked into the hotel room only for Sarah to now be engaged to Harry Styles! We're going out to the beach, Sarah with her new engagement ring. I'm wearing this...

I hate my body, but it's the beach and I want to get tanned. 

"You look beautiful, babe!" Louis said to me as I walked out.

"Hahaha, thanks baby! But really, I'm not!" I smiled

"Yes you are, you're the most beautiful girl I know!" I looked at him weirdly.

"I thought you said all your fans are beautiful!" I pointed out. He didn't say anything. I think I just owned him! My phone buzzed. Molly's calling...

"Hey, where are you? You and Sarah weren't at school today!"

"Oh yeah, We're in America! Be back in a week or so, K?"

"Okay! I don't know how I'll cope with Jenna though! She'll kill me without you!"

"Without me?"

"Yeah! She knows you're with Louis and she's scared that if she's mean to you, you'll tell him!"

"Aha, really? I bet if mine and Louis' secret got out, people would be scared or something! Lol"

"Well. I better go now! Bye, love ya babes!"

"Love you too babes! Bye!" And she hung up. I can't wait to go to the beach! I haven't been to the beach in months! Wait... the guys might get mobbed!

"Let us go to the beach!" Zayn shouted.

"Won't you get mobbed?" I asked

"Well, if we did, I wouldn't ask to be with anyone else but you, Sarah and the guys when I got mobbed!" Louis smiled. That's sweet, weird, but sweet! We headed to the beach and sat down on the sand. Louis came and picked me up.

"Louis William Tomlinson! What are you doing?" I screamed.

"Time to go for a little swim!" he shouted. Shit! I'm fully clothed and he's dropping me in the sea.

"Louis, you're going to ruin my outfit, pwease don't dwop me!" I said babyish. 

"I love it when you talk like that... Buuuut, I'm still going to drop you!" He laughed

"Please don't, you've never seen me mad. Do you want to see me mad?"

"No! But you won't be mad if I get in with you! Will you?"

"No Louis, I won't. Buuuuut, it would be funnier if it was just you!" And with that, I jumped out his arms and pushed him over. He fell into the sea, fully clothed. 

"Ooh, that's it!" He pulled me over and I fell into the sea.

"Louis! I'm wet now!" I moaned and he kissed my cheek. I looked at him with the 'Louis, we're in public!' look.

"Look Katy, I don't care if we're in public when we kiss. We're dating and that's that!" He whispered. "I love you, Katy!"

"I love you too, Boobear!" I said. I splashed him and he pushed me over into the water. My hair got all wet and now my outfit was wet!

"We're going back to the hotel to get changed." Louis told the guys.

"Okay, be back soon!" Liam said. We went back to the hotel. I was still mad at Louis so I put on an 'amazing' jumper with some blue jeans...

I looked at Louis when he walked to me in the corridor and smiled. We walked back to the beach hand in hand, as Louis said, he doesn't care!

"Babe, why are you wearing that jumper?" Louis asked

"I don't know!" I said.

"Oh my god, Louis is holding hands with that girl! Wow, she's ugly!" I heard a girl say. Damn, now that's it! My phone buzzed in my pocket. I let go of Louis' hand and checked it.

'Hey Smith, it's Irwin. There's shit all over Twitter about 1. You and Louis kissing and 2. You two holding hands. Is that shit true? Louis has an interview soon and that shit will need to be spilled! x'

Oh god! Shit will have to be spilled! 

"Lou, babe?" I said


"Ashton just texted me, we're all over Twitter!"

"Shit!" Louis mumbled. "Babe, we have an interview tomorrow. I'll have to tell a lie. I'll say we're good friends. We'll wait until later!"

"Alright Lou, tell the guys. Shit will be going on until it's spilled!"

We went back to the beach and stayed there until sunset. It looks beautiful, I need to tweet!


At the beach, the sunset is amayzayn! Pun for @zaynmalik

I got so many RT's and replies. I love it!

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