I'm Stuck Because Of You

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  • Published: 3 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Jan 2017
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18 year old Katy Smith was in love with a guy at her high school but was always afraid to tell him, a few years later and she realizes that the guy she loved/loves is in a famous British/Irish boyband...


38. Star Styles

A.N: Hey my gorgeous little kitties! How ya'll doing? I'm okay, thanks for asking! I can't believe it's chapter 40 already! Here's a short chappie for ya'll!!! And if you have twitter, follow me! @katykat2112


"Katy! You've gotta come here now!" Harry screamed at me. I ran to his hotel room and found him sat there, with his phone is his hands.

"Yeah Hazz, what's up?"

"Sarah's in hospital..."

"Ohmigod! What's wrong with her?" I asked, worriedly.

"We may be having a baby!" He said cheerily. "But you're the only one to know, apart from me and Sarah!"

"Harry, that's amazing! When's she having it?"

"Today, I'm gonna go to the hospital now, wanna come?"

"Um, sure! I just hate hospitals. My ex works at one!"


We arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later. We headed to the front desk and looked at the receptionist, who unfortunately, was Cameron. 

"Oh, so I see you've dated Louis, Ashton and Harry now. You naughty little slut!" He laughed.

"Ha ha, no! Just tell us where Sarah Styles is before you get hurt, Kay?" I said, angrily.

"Sure, room 369. Just be quiet." He huffed. We walked away quickly and turned into a room where we saw Sarah and a little baby girl... AW!

"Hi!" She whispered.

"Hey." I whispered back.

"Harry, what shall we call her.?"

"Um, your eyes twinkle like a night sky, so what about Star?"

"Ooh, I love it!" She whispered/ cheered.

"Aw, little Star just opened her eyes!" I said.

"Aw! Katy, as you know, Star won't have any aunties from my side. Can you be one?"

"Um excuse me, but I was like your sister for years! Of course. I feel sorry for her only having Sam!" Sam is Sarah's annoying older brother. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and found this...


Everyone welcome to the world... Star Styles!

I RTed it and put my phone away. Sarah and Harry are going to be good parents!

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