I'm Stuck Because Of You

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  • Published: 3 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Jan 2017
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18 year old Katy Smith was in love with a guy at her high school but was always afraid to tell him, a few years later and she realizes that the guy she loved/loves is in a famous British/Irish boyband...


13. Meeting Five Seconds Of Summer!!!

I arrived in London, well, the city centre 2 hours later wearing my new Blue dress...

I see loads of girls in 1D tops and merch. It's hard to believe that I was one of them and now I'm dating one of the members! I love that so much! London is so big! I won't be able to find the guys' hotel at this rate. My phone buzzed...

'Hey Kat, it's Zayn, we're staying at the Hotel closest to the Stadium, you know, the big one?!?! Ah, all the hotels are big! It's Sun Rise hotel, okay? Looking forward to seeing you again! We all are! Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael can't wait to meet you aswell! Well, you're probably getting bored reading this text! Louis is in room 368, so go there first! If any of the staff tries to stop you, show them this text and then show them the photo of you and Louis at the movies. We all love you, even the 5SOS guys! Bye xx'

I love Zayns texts! They're always long but fun!


I made it to the Hotel, to see thousands of screaming girls outside! I need to text Zayn, now!

'Hey Zayn! I'm outside in the crowd right now! Too many girls! I don't know how you cope! I'm wearing a light blue dress and a black bowler hat. Description of my clothes ;) I'm now walking inside after showing the guards your text! I love you guys too! xxx' 

And with that I was inside. I went up to the desk and saw the receptionist...

"Hello, may I help you?" the woman said

"Um, yes. I'm looking for room 368"

"Ah, well, It's upstairs and to the right" she said with a smile.

"Thankyou!" I said. Time to see my Boobear again!!!

I ran up the stairs and found the room. I knocked on the door and waited for it to open. Minutes later, Louis answered, looking tired.

"Who is it?" he asked, his eyes weren't open yet.

"Guess, she loves you, you went to the same high school as her and she's your girlfriend!" I whisper the last part. 

"Um, this is a tough one! Is it, um, Eliza Doolittle?" He said jokingly

"Um, no, guess again!"

"Is it the most perfect girl in the world who I love with all my heart and soul?" He asked

"Maybe!" I giggled. He grabbed me and pulled me inside his room, his eyes now wide open. Inside the room was Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis, so basically, everyone! 

"Is this the girl that you've been talking about forever?" Luke said to Louis

"Yes, 'Tis she!" I giggled because I knew Louis would talk about me. I love him! My phone buzzed, Twitter mention!


Nice to see @katykat2112 again! We missed you x

"Niaaalll!" I groaned.

"What? We did" He said with a smile.

"So, what's my gorgeous girl been up to whilst I've been away?" Louis asked

"Same old, same old. Being bored, buying dresses."

"Dresses? You don't usually wear dresses!" Louis said

"Weeelll, I'm wearing one now!" I pointed out

"Oh yeah!" He smiled

"You look nice in dresses!" Luke said and winked at me. Luke looks cute when he winks. What the hell? I have a boyfriend and I'm saying that Luke looks cute...

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