I'm Stuck Because Of You

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  • Published: 3 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Jan 2017
  • Status: Complete
18 year old Katy Smith was in love with a guy at her high school but was always afraid to tell him, a few years later and she realizes that the guy she loved/loves is in a famous British/Irish boyband...


43. Haha, hai!!!!

Louis' P.O.V:


Nice to see you too @katykat2112

What is that? He's with Katy? Why didn't he tell us? Just shrug it off, they're just good friends. I mean, he's married to her best friend. I'm married to his best friend. Nothing will happen. Look how cute she looks in the picture. God, I miss her so much! I need to call her sometime. My phone started vibrating and I looked at the caller I.D

Katy xx <3

"Louis!" She yelled down the phone.

"Katy!" I yelled back. 

"I miss you like loads!"

"Haha. I miss you too!"

"Awh! Do you?"

"More than anything!" I laughed.

"Babe. I have to tell you something." She sighed.

"What is it?"

"I...I...I kissed Luke." She said. When?


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