A New Beginning (a One Direction fanfiction)

It's a new beginning for Alex Bonwell when One Direction want to adopt someone from her care home. Will they be able to get through her walls she was built or will she block them out too????


2. Chapter 2

Louis POV

YAY! Another person in the house. This is great. Well I just hope they can cook for Niall or at least make a decent meal. If not we are dealing with and upset Nialler and I can not let that happen.

Liam POV

This is a great opportunity for those four yo grow up and to change someone's life. I can't think of a better feeling. "Hey guys it's 9 now so we got 30. we need to decide age gender and then get ready for today. so first gender?" I want a girl but let's see what they think. Oh we're doing the look. "GIRL!" We all scream at the same time like Niall when food is about. "ok. age?" I asked them.

"Well they need to be able to look after themselves a bit and old enough to watch our movies. But not to old because there is not much point." that was zayn.

"How about 9-15?" questioned Styles over there.

"I think so. that way she's not too old and may still like our movies as well as can do things for herself. I like it." Niall said. we all nodded.

"Ok guys time to get ready so we can go in 24 minutes. Zayn you have to do your hair fast today." I finish.

"Fine." Zayn moped still annoyed at being woken up.

Alex POV

After Breakfast and Woodley had told us there were some people coming to adopt I came back up to my bedroom, with intention of meeting the visitors who wanted to adopt, and changed from my pyjamas to a more dark outfit . Lets see Wood said they'd be here at 9:45 and it's...9:44. GOD. better go. I grab my skateboard and jump from my window not noticing until too late the 5 lads on the drive which my window looks out on.

When I hit the ground I look up and see the people standing by the door looking at me. "what you lot looking at, have you never seen someone jump out a window before. Some fucking people." I say. Just after I finish Mrs Woodley opens the door and I know I'm screwed.

Harry POV

we just stood there looking at the girl who had jumped out her window. Before anyone could say anything to her comment a women opened the door.

"Hello. please come in." The women greeted us. "I'm Mrs Woodley." She said.

We all turned to the girl who was fixing her hair and Niall said, "Is she one of yours?" while pointing to the mystery girl.

"Alex, what are you doing out here?"

"I was going to go and live. you know grab some coffee, work with Aiden who said I could get a new free tattoo today, and skate. you got a problem with that?" she said it do defensively I was starting to find her almost funny.

"How you get out here?"

"I jumped!" she said and was about to take off when Zayn caught her arm and took her board from her.

"Come inside all of you. including you Alexis."

"It's Alex. I hate my real name. It's to girly."

"Come on. in you go." Zayn said half dragging her in.

Alex POV

worst time to get caught Alex, worst. Now you have to talk to these complete idiots and explain to mrs Woodley. before I could face palm myself someone who I think was Lucy screamed One Direction.

"One who?" I say and all the guys who we're coming to adopt looked at me like I was an alien. "what you looking at." I'm defensive to keep my walls around me in tact don't ask.

"You don't know who we are?" The guy with the curly hair asked.

"Should i?" I mean I remember hearing the other kids say One Direction and the kids at school that I attend on an occasion. I don't actually know them. unless they right a book in a film or play my kind of music then I don't know. I was interrupted by Woodley saying, "boys look around and tell me when you make a choice, excuse me while I talk to Alex." with that she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the office. Just before she starts talking my phone goes so loud I

Was sure the whole house heard. I picked it up when I say it was Aiden.

"Hey. Got caught sneaking can't come in today." was all I said before hanging up.

"Alex, do you know how dangerous what you did was. Why do you go and work with this Aiden? He's obviously a bad influence."

"I help out at the shop and get free tats. he ain't no bad influence he is the reason I've become sure if the person I really am. when nobody understood he did. He's my only friend."

"Yes but that is no place for a 14 year old."

"I make a fare amount of money for my clothes this way. I buy my music. This money is how I pay for birthday presents."

"Well you can't work there anymore or get anymore tattoos." she said sternly.

"Like you could fucking stop me." I say and go open the door to find the 5 lads from earlier falling in.

"And you lot, why you listening to our conversation. does no one leave me alone. I should have died with my family." recently that has been my catch phrase. I stormed out them leaving a silence behind me.

Zayn POV

"We've made our decision. we want Alex." I said pointing after the girl.

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