A New Beginning (a One Direction fanfiction)

It's a new beginning for Alex Bonwell when One Direction want to adopt someone from her care home. Will they be able to get through her walls she was built or will she block them out too????


1. Chapter 1

Alex POV

Hey I'm Alexis but I prefer Alex. Maybe I should start by telling you a bit about myself: I'm an orphan and I have no drastic past, only that my Mum, Dad, sister Nina and I were in a car accident, I survived and they didn't. At that time I was 7 and now I'm 14. I shut everyone out and stay up in my room, I don't ever let people get my walls down cause I've been building the for 7 years. Nobody ever want to adopt me because who wants someone that could be really messed up and take a chance, when they could have one of those others who have everything written in their file. I can't wait till I can get out of here.

Almost every night I have nightmares of my family coming to me and telling me I should have died instead of them. That nobody would have missed me. They weird thing is they were nice people and never said anything like that to me ever. The first time this happened I just stayed up listening to music, and did this till I was about 11, then I would run at night, dance in my room, cause I'm the only girl who doesn't have to share. I think half cause I scare everyone away and half because I'm the oldest girl by 4 years now. I'm the only one who gets a period and they don't want to have people around me when I feel like punching something or someone. I also skateboard.

Before we go anywhere else with this story can I just tell you one thing, I like rock, punk, punk pop and alternative music. I dance street and hip hop. I don't dress like everyone else but I always wear black and I have tattoos, I have one friend called Aiden, he's 21 and does all my tattoos, but no one here likes them or my piercings.

Anyway, on with the story.

I hate waking up since that means I have to face the brats as I call them. I'm the oldest by 3 years technically, because one of they boys just turned 11, so that means I get to help Mrs Woodley take care of that lot. There is one good thing about it, I get left alone after breakfast, I help get the kids up and make them breakfast then they leave me in my room. The thing is I'm not in my room, I jump out my window with my skateboard and go to the Starbucks for coffee, then I go help Aiden out by manning the cash register. Any way to the boys room.

I always go I age order to who I wake up, so we have Nathan, Josh and Tyler first then Jamie and Stefan. Once they are awake I go wake up Lottie, Isabel and Sophie. that only leaves Mrs Woodley Katrina, Maggie, Amy, Rick, Theo, Joanne, Lucy and Jessie. Technically it's not my job so I get less people to wake up. I then meet Mrs Woodley in the kitchen and we start breakfast.

Zayn POV

I wake up to all four of the boys singing and jumping on my bed. God why do they do this every morning???

"I'm up. I'm up." They all get off my bed except Louis. Well this will be fun. "I SAID IM UP!!!" I saw Louis stop and look scared.

"I'm sorry Zayniee." I hate that name.

"Don't call me that." I say half asleep.

"Come on mate, breakfast will get cold." Liam spoke up.

"FOOOOOOOOD!!!" Niall is going to make me deaf but at least we know he will be quiet. with that he ran out my room and I'm guessing to the kitchen. the rest of the guys and me follow.

When we got down there I saw Niall wolfing food down, big surprise there, and...Simon. He doesn't usually come for breakfast. When we're about to have sex...yes. When we're asleep...yes. When we watch TV...double yes. Butn never when it convenient to us.

"Boy. Sit. Oh and Niall, stop eating for a second."

He asked Niall to stop eating, must need our attention. "I want you guys to adopt a child."


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