'The New Girl...'

It's about a girl named Brooklyn, her dad died in a car accident two years ago, and since they have moved alot, and with they i mean Brooklyn, her mother, and her baby sister Alyssa, Alyssa is four. Brooklyn starts on a new school, see what happens on the new school, because you have to read it to find out ;-)


4. ¤Start of the day¤

"BIB BIB BIB" I rolled over to the other side of the bed to turn off my alarm, but fell out of bed and onto the floor. "Ouch" I said to myself "Good way to start your first school day Brooklyn..." I mumbled. I shall go on a high school called Atlanta high school, I know not very imaginative, I just hope we will stay here for some time... I turned off my alarm, and got up, then i walked into my walk in closet, took some underwear, and went to the bathroom.  I stepped into the shower, the warm water went down my body, it’s always so calming. I put some shampoo in my hair, then balsam, and shower gel. I stepped out of the shower, and feel completely awake, I started blow drying my long light brown hair, it went to my lower back. I walked into my room, and then my walk in closet, were I picked this, and took some make-up on:

. I looked at the clock "Shit, I'm already late" , I hurried down the stairs, and got out of the house, and locked the front door. I got into my car and drove to the school,

(The car) I was a little late, course i should have my schema, and find the class...
When i came to the school, I searched for a parking space, I found one close to the door. 
I looked in one of the side mirrors, and took some lipstick on before I got out of the car. As I walked out of the car, I saw that almost all the students who stood outside, was staring at my car, and I couldn't help but laugh a bit. Then I walked toward the school's front doors, and I could feel that all the boys was staring at me, which means my ass. Typical boys...





¤ Sorry, I know it was a short, and boring chapter, but this is my first story, if you have some comments, to my writing, or some ideas to the story, then comment! I'm open for that!! I hope you liked it for now, please say if i shall post more:D Hope u liked it¤ 


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