'The New Girl...'

It's about a girl named Brooklyn, her dad died in a car accident two years ago, and since they have moved alot, and with they i mean Brooklyn, her mother, and her baby sister Alyssa, Alyssa is four. Brooklyn starts on a new school, see what happens on the new school, because you have to read it to find out ;-)


2. People.




Brooklyn: New girl.


Alyssa: Brooklyn's baby sister.




Ryan: Brooklyn's new friend. Best friends with Chase.


Chase: Brooklyn's new friend. Best friends with Ryan. Emily's boyfriend. 


Emily: Evil, popular girl. Chase's boyfriend. Chloe's best friend. 


Chloe: Sweet, popular girl. Emily's best friend.




Kelsey:Brooklyn's new best friend. 



Acacia: Brooklyn's new best friend.



Ariana: Brooklyn's new best friend. 


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