'The New Girl...'

It's about a girl named Brooklyn, her dad died in a car accident two years ago, and since they have moved alot, and with they i mean Brooklyn, her mother, and her baby sister Alyssa, Alyssa is four. Brooklyn starts on a new school, see what happens on the new school, because you have to read it to find out ;-)


1. Introducing Brooklyn.

My name is Brooklyn, I'm seventeen years old. I have blue eyes, and long light brown hair(Natural) down to my lower back. My dad died in a car crash, two years ago, and that changed my life! We have moved allot after that, because of my mothers work... We lived in Canada before my dad died.
Before that, I was this Popular girl, with big blue eyes, big blond wavy hair, I was  tall, skinny, and tan. I run everyday, and I do that, because i like to run, and it makes me feel relaxed. I have a baby sister, she's 4 years old, and her name is Alyssa, she means everything to me, and I'm like a mother to her, because my mom is always at her work, she's a business woman, and that's why we moved allot, but she say's that we will be here in Atlanta in a couple of years, or maybe more, and that makes me so happy. I haven't had time to find a friend, the other places we have been living, because we only were in the town for like 2 months. I have lived in Canada, New York, Hawaii, Dubai, Tenerife, London, that's just a couple of the places there is more... 

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