identical opposites

For many teenagers life is complicated. You are too old to be called a kid but at the same time you are not old enough to be an adult. Read about these two teenagers that try to survive while being ... identical opposites. :)


6. The car ride

So after the “pleasant” conversation that happened in the kitchen, the mother realized they were going to be late, so there was no time to keep talking about more “pleasant” subjects and they had to rush to the car.
Katya sitting on the front seat with her seat belt securely fastened. Very responsibly holding her biology book in her lap and highlighting the important things, while repeating to herself what she had just read.
Thea, on the other hand, was enjoying her last moments of freedom by using her headphones to listen to music at full volume, while staring at the window and dancing or miming the songs.
If you have not yet guessed, there was no conversation between the people in the car. So their mother, being a normal mother, decided to create an atmosphere for a conversation to happen. But, of course, she did it in the only way mothers know how to.
- So anything interesting happening in school?
You can probably guess the answer, having in mind one of the girls was studying and the other simply didn’t hear the question.
- Girls? Anyone? So once again I am just talking to myself. Most people call this crazy and maybe they are right, but who can blame me? I have two teenage daughters who are always in a fight about something and never seem to agree on anything. Not to mention the fact that one of them for some reason hates me.
- Mom, do you mind? I am trying to study and your talking distracts me.
- Wow! One of them actually blessed me with her attention! Now I just have to get Thea to talk. Katya, close the book; I bet you know everything in there. Now get your sister to turn off that … thing.
In order to turn off the “thing”, Katya had to reach back and snatch the headphone out of her sister’s ear. Which, as you may have guessed, did no please Thea at all.
- Hey, why are you pulling my headphone, you’ll brake it.
- Not that it has any use.
- Thea, your sister is quite right. You are only damaging your own ears by listening to it. And it’s not even … nice music. It’s just these people … screaming and guitars and … loud noises. A pleasant tune from a violin or piano is much better for your brain and soul.
- Mom, calm down. It’s pop music. I wonder what you would say if you heard heavy metal.
- Don’t talk to me like that. And being on the subject, I still think your band is a waste of time.
- I completely agree with mom, Thea. It’s not like you play actual music.
- Well, at least I have a life! And my friends are real people rather than dusty school books.
- How can you and I be twins if you think your so called “life” is something good. All you do is waste your time in pointless stuff like singing or dancing. In a few years you will have nothing because you base your life on pointless friendships rather than knowledge and a good career.
Poor mother. She wanted a nice pleasant conversation and instead she got her girls to argue. Again.
- You are just jealous because you don’t have a reason to smile in your life.
- And what is your reason to smile? Some random pervert guy coming to the house and asking for you? What a perfect life!
- You don’t even know them. Have you ever talked with any of them?
- I don’t need to talk with them. They are all the same. The one from last year, the one with the dog, the one that came during this holiday, even the one that came this week.

In an instant Thea’s face changed completely.
- Wait! There was a guy this week? What did he look like?
- Tall, brown hair and blue eyes. A pervert. Just the usual.
Thea’s mind was no longer in the conversation. She couldn’t care less about proving her sister wrong. Now, all she cared about, was that HE, with capital letters, had come to her house. This day was so perfect!

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