identical opposites

For many teenagers life is complicated. You are too old to be called a kid but at the same time you are not old enough to be an adult. Read about these two teenagers that try to survive while being ... identical opposites. :)


1. Meeting them

~~- I like the song. – Thea said, after a long pause. All the other band members had been waiting to hear this few words. Because these few words meant approval. It was not just “I like the song”, it was more like “All the hard work you put in was worth it”. Now they can have a deep breath and stop stressing. Thea approved the song, so they knew what to do for the show. It was a huge relief, since she rejected the previous three. You might say that’s not enough, but I think for songwriters who are just starting their career, three songs is a pretty amazing achievement. And getting refused might discourage you. Or make you give up. So Thea’s approval was really important.
I’m sorry, I have portrayed the things all wrong. It sounds as if they are all puppets and Thea is the big dictator, as if this is a life and death decision. My mistake. They are actually just a school band, a few enthusiasts gathered together, trying what is it like, to see what making music is and maybe someday become famous, make this their job. Probably like most school bands, actually. And still, they are not puppets and Thea is not a dictator. She actually is a really cool person. I would give you her whole biography, but that would sound boring and what is the point of you reading this if you already know who she is? I have to make a career, you know. So talking about Thea, she is not the dictator, she just … has that feeling. She can feel if the song is good or not, if people are going to like it. It’s sort of a gift. She just has it, and, take this as a lesson in life, when somebody has a gift you should try and use to your advantage (I don’t mean force people to help you or take advantage of them, just to be clear). So every time the band writes a new song they play it to Thea and she gives the final word. It has always been like that and it always works. Trust me. I have lived with these characters for quite a long time and I know.
So, just to summarize, when Thea gets the feel you follow.
- Finally! I thought you would never approve anything.
- Sorry, guys, I know you work, like, a lot, so I’m, like, trying to be nice to you, but when I don’t get the feel … it doesn’t work. You know, I just … need the feel.
- Yes, we do. Now can we please go and eat something, all this stress made me hungry.
- Oh, yes, I made my mum buy, like, tons of junk food, so we have a lot of eating to do.
Suddenly all the eyes in room turned towards Thea, as if she just said the queen of England came to visit.
- Your mum bought junk food?! Didn’t she get a rash or something? From all those “chemicals causing terrible acne and awful obesity”.
- My mom doesn’t talk like that. She uses a lot more words and most of them, I have no idea what they mean. But anyways, anyone can be convinced to do anything with a bit of … manipulation skills.
A mischievous look filled her face.
- We know all about your manipulation skills, especially when you want to skip class.
- I admit, I am a talent but enough about me, aren’t we eating?
Teenagers. The moment you offer them food they are all yours. Before you can notice the fridge is empty, and the shelf, and the other shelf, and the secret hiding place. They just rush to the food like they have never eaten before. Like they have been starving for years. And during all this chaos, they turn the room into a mess. Like a tornado passed. I think we should officially change the word teenagers to tornaders, since it really suits them. They make a mess out the kitchen, their room and every other place they set foot.
Except of course, if you are one of those … all grown up ones. Which behave like adults, but they actually have the heart of a teenager. Example: Katya, Thea’s sister, who very conveniently happened to walk by just when Thea and her band were in the kitchen.
- What are you doing?
The band gave looks to each other, “party pooper”. They relied on Thea to get rid of her sister like she always did.
- Katya, do you mind? I am with friends. We are actually having F U N, a word whose meaning you don’t know.
- Well, if you call trashing the kitchen, FUN, than I feel quite happy not to have experienced it. Mom and dad will get mad when they see the mess and I don’t really want to make them worry, plus I am actually trying to study and your awful squeaking really distracts me, so could you please tidy up and leave.
- And miss the pleasure of annoying you? Not a chance, sis.
- Why am I even trying to put some sense into your head? You are just a stupid, immature girl, who isn’t much different from a five-year old.
- At least my best friend is not a book.
Katya did not reply, but just rolled her eyes and went to the other room. What was the point of arguing with someone less intellectual?

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