identical opposites

For many teenagers life is complicated. You are too old to be called a kid but at the same time you are not old enough to be an adult. Read about these two teenagers that try to survive while being ... identical opposites. :)


8. Jokes and romance

- Hi.
Was HE actually talking with her?
- Hi … I guess.
- Why you guess?
- Cause I thought you are not going to talk to me after my sister kicked you out of my house and she told the whole school I am staring at you.
- Sisters are stupid and annoying. They torture us enough at home, so we shouldn’t let them ruin our lives outside home. And about the staring thing … I am pretty irresistible, so I forgive you.
- Happy to know you don’t hate me.
- Nobody can hate you. At least nobody you have … been on a date with.
- Why the pause? What were you about to say?
- Something else. But then I your sister thinks I’m a pervert so maybe I should start behaving like a gentleman in front of people.
- Who cares about my sister’s opinion? She has some mental disease. Besides … we haven’t done anything.
- So me kissing you was nothing special?! You have pierced my heart.
- I meant it was not wrong. So you can talk about it as much as you want.
- I would rather do it than talk about it.
And that was their queue to get closer and do what they have been waiting for since that first date.

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