identical opposites

For many teenagers life is complicated. You are too old to be called a kid but at the same time you are not old enough to be an adult. Read about these two teenagers that try to survive while being ... identical opposites. :)


4. Breakfast with the twins

- Young lady, don’t you think this skirt is not the proper schooldress?
- The only person who cares how people in school dress is you.
- I am sure that is not true. You are going to a great school, where order is kept at a very high level.
Parents. They always think they know a lot, when actually they know very little.
- Sure mom, our school is so perfect the queen comes to visit everyday.
- Just change, please.
What a pleasant family conversation! Can’t you just sense the love?
- Mom, do you want me to help you with the shopping after school? – said Katya while she was entering the kitchen.
- If it isn’t my perfect sister. I’ll leave now, you probably don’t need me anyway.
- Thea, your sister is trying to be helpful. I don’t understand how this can be something you can mock.
- Well, obviously Katya got your brain and I am just the anomaly in this family. You know twins have to share the amount of nutrients they get, so I guess my perfect sister got the best of the best, while I got what was left.
- Funny, at least I know my daughter learned something in school, if only you used it when you had an exam and not to make jokes.  
- Then you wouldn’t love me so much.
I wish I could spend more time in the kitchen listening to their conversation, but I have to fast forward to something a bit more entertaining, as I think most of us have heard this conversation many many times before.

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