identical opposites

For many teenagers life is complicated. You are too old to be called a kid but at the same time you are not old enough to be an adult. Read about these two teenagers that try to survive while being ... identical opposites. :)


3. A visitor at the door

- What?
Katya was staring at this boy at the door. She was quite irritated by the fact that this guy was interrupting her studying. He was obviously looking for Thea, but her sister was not at home, so Katya had to fulfil the duty of answering the door and telling him to get lost.
- No need to shout at me, sorry I’m bothering you, but you didn’t call me after our date, so I thought I can come to your house and we can finish what we started.

Just looking at his pervert look made Katya sick. Why was her sister always involved with the opposite sex? They were all pervert, annoying, empty-headed idiots.
- Even if I did go on a date with you, which will NEVER happen, I wouldn’t have called you. Just accept the fact you are a nasty pervert and go away.
- What’s the matter? You didn’t seem to mind when we went out.
- You are obviously not smart enough to get it and I have no time, so I am just gonna say it. Wrong twin. My name is Katya and I NEVER go on dates. You went out with my sister Thea, who is not here, but the reason she didn’t call you was she didn’t like you, so get lost.

The guy seemed quite annoyed by this rather cold welcoming. He had something way different in mind when he was walking towards Thea’s house.

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