Lost from the World


5. The World Beneath

The sudden smell of dead and decaying matter filled up all around them. After they had been  falling into the dark for what seemed like hours they crashed to the ground. Well, was it even ground? It was soft and squishy, like, like a giant mushroom!

"Miss Kook, where are we?" Sally, the youngest of her students asked, clearly she thought that this was all part of the field trip.

"I don't know Sally, um, down, a lower place." she replied.

Suddenly it was no longer dark, a bright light rang throughout the pyramid, it had not come from anywhere, it was just, there. Footsteps started to echo throughout the pyramid as a hidden chamber opened, revealing three guards, armed with swords, they looked fairly like Spartans. They surrounded the class, and ordered everyone to follow them. Making sure that they were all aware that failure to follow instructions would lead to punishment. Miss Kook asked where they were taking them, and they refused to tell...






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