Lost from the World


4. The Pyramid

The children had quieted down after many minutes of Miss Kook explaining what happened and that they would be okay(a complete lie). After all, you are not going to be okay if you are heading straight into the Bermuda Triangle with no way of stopping. She wondered what would happen to them after days with no food or water. She remembered all the stories of what happened to people who had gone into the Bermuda Triangle looking for an adventure and not coming back. Would they become one of those stories? A class disappeared into thin air while going into the Bermuda Triangle for a field trip. She discarded all of these thoughts to the back of her mind, they would be rescued, saved, anything but die.

"Miss Kook! Miss Ko-Yes what is it?" she snapped at the children.

"What is that?" one of the children asked, pointing off into the distance.

She strained to get a good look at what the child was pointing at. Through the mist she caught a glimpse of something huge, it looked like a pyramid, at least 400 meters wide and 200 meters tall. She felt that tremble in her lip again. She was about to answer when an unnatural gust of wind clew their boat into the air and guided them straight to the top of the pyramid where she could now see two very large tubes leading into nothingness on top of the pyramid. Suddenly the gust of wind disappeared and the boat was falling into one of the tubes.  

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